Friday, September 2, 2011

I have a JOB!!!!!!

Me again...updating every few months seems to be my MO...but this time I have a good news blog, not one of those depressing ones like the last few! I start teaching Spanish again on Tuesday! After 5 interviews and 5 rejections, my 6th time was a charm! I found out from my mentor teacher that I had when student teaching that Lodi High School was looking for a Spanish teacher. I applied right away and waited for a phone call...and waited...and waited. Finally I got a call for a Wednesday interview and by Friday I had a job offer! I am pretty excited but also a bit scared! They have been in school for 5 weeks already and I will be coming in on the heels of a long term substitute. I can only hope the students show me some mercy! The drive to Lodi is about 45 minutes, which isn't too horrible. I have discovered that books on CD are a Godsend when driving almost 2 hours a day! Maybe I will start reviewing them on this blog! (light bulb!) All of the staff there seem so nice and helpful and are genuinely happy to have me there. I am meeting with the admin staff after school today to get all set up and hopefully beg for my AC to be fixed (Hasn't worked since school started!) and for an LCD projector and a printer. But I guess beggars can't be choosers so a job is a job no matter if the AC is broken and I can't show powerpoints or print anything locally. Eh. I am looking forward to doing what I was meant to do again, finally! I was beginning to get scared a little there, but I made it! Hopefully I can manage to update this thing more often and maybe review a few books too! :D