Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am married!

Yesterday was the most perfect day ever! I am now Mrs. Matthew Hill! The ceremony was perfect, the reception was perfect, everything was perfect! :D I am so ready to start my new life with my love! Here are some pic that our photog has shared so far.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 more days!

I am getting married on Saturday! :D I am getting pretty excited for it! I cannot wait to see Matt all dressed up and looking sharp and I cannot wait to see his face when he sees me in my dress for the first time! Mostly everything is done as far as getting everything ready and squared away. I am meeting with the caterer/band guy today at 1 o'clock to show him the hall so he can figure out where to set up the band. I am really glad my food and entertainment is being provided by the same person; makes it easier to keep track of. Friday is the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. I have been minorly stressing over the ceremony and how it is all going to work out, so I am glad we are rehearsing so that my fears can be calmed.

As if planning a wedding isn't enough stress...tomorrow I have to go meet with the principals of two schools so I can decide which school I am going to be teaching at in the fall. I was involuntarily transferred from my school because of a miscount on the part of the VP's. To say I am upset would be putting it lightly, but at least I still have a job, right? It just sucks that I have to go meet with them this week and make a decision this week. With everything else going on it just makes me crazy! Hopefully it will be an easy choice once I meet with them and get a feel for the school and the department. So far I am leaning one way, but tomorrow that could change.

So, that's an update of my life. I am going a little nutso with all that needs to get done and figured out and paid for, but in the end all that matters is that at 4pm on Saturday I will be married!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday WI-The argh edition

170lbs. There is yet again a 7 in the 10's place. That is why this is the argh edition. So much for maintaining. I have been exercising pretty well, but the eating has been out of control! I don't really think about what I am eating I just eat. I mean, I am not eating a bag of chips and a whole cake everyday, but I am not making the best choices either. 170lbs means a gain of 2.6lbs! That is a lot! I am so disappointed in myself. I knew the maintaining I have been doing couldn't last forever. Now I need to get back to paying attention to what I am eating and doing more exercise.

I am a member of CalFit now and the other day I had my first swim lesson with my friend Yvonne. It is great to be a member of the same gym as a friend. It really motivates me to get there when we are going to be working out together. Yvonne is teaching me how to swim so that someday I can do a triathlon! I am pretty excited! I have no clue when this someday is, but the day will come. I need much more swimming practice before I can even think about signing up for one! Swimming is hard!

The fall/summer season of SacFit starts tomorrow! Yvonne has signed up which makes me super happy. It will be great to have another friendly face out there! I am going to be coaching the 14:30 group along with Tracy who was my coach last season in the 14:00's. I am pretty stoked to be coaching along with Tracy and ready for the season to start. Of course I will only be there this week and then gone for 3 weeks after that because I am getting married and going on a 2 week honeymoon! :D The wedding is only 8 days away!!!!! AHHHHHHH! Tomorrow is a week and I am sure I will be freaking out!

That's all for now. I was supposed to be at the gym at 9:15 for a class, but I slept in :C Not a good start after an almost 3lb gain! Luckily there is a class at noon I want to try, so I will make it to that one for sure! Happy Friday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday WI-On the eve of my wedding dress fitting!

The scale today did not surprise me in the least. I have done my best to maintain and not lose or gain too much these past few weeks as I am going for my wedding dress fitting tomorrow! :D I am pretty excited! I am having a hair and make up trial done too so it will be the full look tomorrow, or at least a preview! The scale said 167.4lbs which is a gain of 0.6lbs. Not too shabby! I think I am actually back to exactly what I weighed when I tried the dress on at the seamstress a few weeks ago. I like maintaining, it is sort of fun!

Today Matt and I had a day off together so we went to get our marriage license! Now all it needs are a few signatures on the big day and we will be official! It is getting so close! Only 15 more days! Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 weeks! People keep asking if I am nervous, but I'm not really nervous I am more ready to get it over with already than anything else. We have been engaged since April 2008, so a little over 2 years of engaged life. That's a long time! Plus we have been "living in sin" for most of the 4 years and some odd months that we have been together, so not much is changing in that regard. I am just ready to call him my husband and to have it be all official! I am not looking forward to running around town trying to get my name changed! That is going to be fun...NOT!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Activity Calendar

This month started off awesomely with my first ever 1/2 marathon! Then I had some motivation issues after trying to start doing the 30 day shred for 30 days straight. I think it was too much pressure for me to handle. Too overwhelming. I got some activity in during the week, but nothing close to my 4 day a week goal. At least I did a little bit of something every week. This next month is going to be harder to track as the last 2 weeks of June I will be on my honeymoon! Only 18 more days until I am a married woman!