Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday WI surprise!

I had very low expectations for this WI. I have been in maintenance mode so that my dress will fit next Saturday when I go for my fitting, which basically means any exercise I have been doing has been immediately followed by lots of food! I sorta like maintenance mode! :D That is why this week's WI is a surprise...I am down 0.8 lbs to 166.8 lbs! That is the lowest I have ever been! Seeing two 6's on my scale this morning was quite the shocker! Not to say that I am not pretty dang happy, but I guess I need to eat even more? LOL

I joined a new gym as well, which was probably a bad idea while trying to maintain, but I got a killer deal through my school district, so I had to do it! I am taking my 1st group class tomorrow morning! I am going to try a Zumba class since everyone seems to have Zumba fever I figure I might as well give it a try. I am pretty excited!

That's all for now I suppose. Tomorrow night is my bachelorette party, as well as Matt's bachelor party. I am looking forward to hanging out with all of my girls and hopefully not getting too drunk! It's part of the reason I am taking Zumba in the morning; to counteract the empty calories from the alcohol! I will post on Sunday with a recap of the night and maybe some pictures if they are not too embarassing! Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday WI

Did I maintain this week? Yes I did! I am up .4 lbs to 167.6 lbs. A little gain, but nothing too crazy and I didn't lose either. I cannot wait to try on my dress on June 5th when it will fit like a glove and make me look super skinny! Normally a gain of any kind would bother me, but considering my lack of exercise and point counting, I would say that .4 lbs is something to celebrate! Woo!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where did it go? My motivation that is.

I read and article the other day that said that May was the worst month for those who were trying to get fit and be healthy. I sorta just shrugged it off and didn't think too much about it...until now. I have zero motivation. ZERO! I started the 30 day shred last week with the intention of a true 30 day shred with no breaks. As you can tell by my recent lack of posts it didn't happen and I am not sure if it will even be 30 days by the time I eventually get done, if I get done. I feel like I am a deflated balloon. I had such grand ideas of toning and maintaining and running a whole 5k with no walk breaks and I am not so sure any of this is happening or is going to for that matter. I am sure that school being out next week is not helping. I am so ready for my summer vacation! Not to mention that 1 month from tomorrow I will be married! :D I guess there is some light at the end of the tunnel...

So, if anyone sees my motivation will you tell it that I miss it and that I want it to come home soon. Thanks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Level 1 Day 4

I took a rest day yesterday, so today was my day 4. I did go swing dancing last night though, which was a lot of fun and great exercise too! :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday WI-maintenance edition

I am down 1.4 lbs and back down to my lowest recorded weight ever of 167.2 lbs. If I can stay around this same weight until my wedding I will be a happy girl! If I lose any more my dress may not fit! I am just so happy to have a 6 in the 10's place...I was probably in the 5th grade the last time I was in the 160's, so it's been awhile! Happy Friday everyone! I am super stoked because it is a minumun day for me! Woo!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Level 1 Day 3

Check! I was so sore from the first 2 days, but I did it! It felt easier today! I can't wait for level 2, I am already bored with level 1!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Level 1 Day 2

DONE! I did it! Go me! Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 day shred

I have decided to try and do a true 30 day shred this time. Today was level 1 day 1. If I do 30 days that will put me up to almost my wedding day. As I said in my previous post I do not want to lose more weight as my dress is being altered to my current size as we speak, but I do want to tone up and hopefully have nicer looking arms by June 19th. I hate that I have jiggly arms, I really do. So, check back tomorrow to see if level 1 day 2 becomes a reality...I am really going to try hard!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lysney's 5K race recap

Today I did a 5K in support of a blogger friend of mine who raced her first ever 5K this morning! She totally rocked it by they way! I learned about this challenge/support/motivation race from another blogger friend and I am glad I did! It gave me a reason to get out there and show my support while getting some much needed running in!

Here is me before:

Here is me all sweaty and red after:

Here is my Garmin with the results:

It's a fuzzy iPhone in case you can't read it I did 3.1 miles in 38 minutes which is an average pace of 12:10/mile, which for me is phenomenal! Yay! Congrats to Lynsey and all of the other bloggers out there who ran today, no matter what the reason or distance!

Friday, May 7, 2010

It is time to stop...

I have only 8.6 lbs to go until my goal weight of 160 lbs, but I have to stop losing weight. I went for my dress alterations appointment today and the dress that was snug on me a year ago needs 2 1/2 inches taken off around the top! 2 1/2 inches! I could have bought the smaller size! But then of course if I had done that I wouldn't have lost any weight, stupid Murphy's Law! LOL Anywho, it is being taken in and I have a fitting on June 5th to see how it looks. That is cutting it awfully close to the wedding date, so I have decided to stop trying to lose weight and focus on maintaining and toning my arms and shoulders. I am happy being around 167-170 lbs and would be comfortable staying around that until after the wedding, so that is the plan. I am spending a pretty penny on the alterations, so I want to make sure my dress looks absolutely perfect! I will continue to do my Friday WI's as usual, I just won't be as focused on losing as I have been. I will be focused more on staying where I am at and making my arms look like Jillian Michael's LOL :D

Friday WI-No surprises here!

I gained. Surprise, surprise. NOT! I was so bad this week! I did not track a single bite that went into my mouth. I am surprised by the fact that I didn't gain more than just 1.4 lbs! Today is a new day, a fresh start, time for me to get back on the wagon! I have an extra motivation because I am going for my 1st ever alterations appointment today! I have a feeling that my dress is going to be HUGE on me considering the weight I have lost since I bought it! I just hope it is not horribly large so much that it is hard to alter. I cannot wait to try my dress on again! I haven't even seen it in probably 4 months! I hope I love it as much as I did when I bought it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Goal Update #2

I know this is post 3 for today, but it needs to be done...

1) No more nail biting
Much better! I have a few long nails, but am still having cuticle biting issues. It is a work in progress.

2) 30 day shred twice a week
Fail again. I blame my 1/2 marathon, I didn't want to make myself sore.

3) Another type of workout twice a week
I did 1 weekly and the half on Saturday so I say check!

4) Food journaling every day
Not so much. I have been bad at this lately. Next week.

5) Water, water, water!
I did pretty well because of the race. I kept myself pretty well hydrated and it made the race easier. I have been slacking since the race so I need to get back into it.

My first half marathon!

Saturday was the day. My first ever half marathon! It was the American River Parkway half that ran along the beautiful American River bike trail from William Pond park, down past Sac State and back. The weather was better than I could have even hoped for considering the forecast the week before had predicted rain that day! It was even a little warm near the end, so much so that a few people passed out due to heat exhaustion. Luckily I came prepared with water and fuel so the aid stations that ran out near the end didn't even effect me. SacFit taught me well!

For the first half of the race I stayed with some great magentas and we had a great time, but at about mile 7ish I decided to pick up the pace and ended up getting pretty far ahead of them. I had pain in my leg around mile 9, but I made it to the end and that's what matters! I saw that finish line and I sprinted to the end and finished strong! Adrenaline really does wonders at making pain disappear! Sabrina was there at the end waiting for me and ran me in some of the way before I sprinted ahead. I was so ready to be done and so glad I made it to the end! My garmin time was 3:12 and my official time was 3:15. I am pretty happy with that time considering my only goal was to finish. Matt was waiting for me at the finish too with some beautiful flowers!

All in all it was a great race and I can now say I am a half marathoner! My next race is a 5k on June 6th and I am possibly doing the Urban Cow 1/2 in October as well. We shall see if this leg pain can get better with some new shoes and foam rolling. The next SacFit season starts June 12th and I plan on being out there for sure! Possibly as a pace coach, depending on if Ken lets me considering I will miss 3 weeks because of my wedding and honeymoon!

Here are some pics of the race.

April Activity Calendar

Here it is. Some weeks were better than others. It is what it is.