Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Goal Update #2

I know this is post 3 for today, but it needs to be done...

1) No more nail biting
Much better! I have a few long nails, but am still having cuticle biting issues. It is a work in progress.

2) 30 day shred twice a week
Fail again. I blame my 1/2 marathon, I didn't want to make myself sore.

3) Another type of workout twice a week
I did 1 weekly and the half on Saturday so I say check!

4) Food journaling every day
Not so much. I have been bad at this lately. Next week.

5) Water, water, water!
I did pretty well because of the race. I kept myself pretty well hydrated and it made the race easier. I have been slacking since the race so I need to get back into it.

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