Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking forward to 2011

2010 for me was a year of some really great moments and some of the most awful moments of my life. On January 1st my fiancé almost died of pneumonia. He fought for his life in the ICU for 3 days and had to be resuscitated at one point. Scary. I will tell you that it was the most horrible start to any year. Ever. Luckily he made it through and the happiest day of 2010 was able to happen on June 19th; my wedding! See what I mean by the most awful and really great? It has been quite the year. Being able to celebrate the New Year this year in our new house with our new dog as a newly married couple is such an amazing thing. I am grateful everyday for the life that we have together. Plus I got another amazing family! :D

2010 was also the year of my 1st and 2nd half marathons and my first super sprint triathlon. Being able to say I am a half marathoner and a triathlete now is just an amazing thing. My old self never would have believed I could do it, but I did! And I rocked them all! I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life and even if 2011 doesn't see me get to my goal weight, I know that I am active and healthy and doing great things. My 3rd half marathon is in late April and Matt is actually going to join SacFit and train to run it with me! I am so excited! Of course he is going to kick my butt because he is way faster, but that's ok :D I am so grateful to have him here with me and be able to spend time together doing something that is good for us!

I had a slight career change in 2010 as well. I was involuntarily transferred from Woodcreek High to Roseville High. I am still teaching Spanish, but they miscalculated the numbers and I had to make the move because I was the newest. There are positives and negatives to this move, but I am really just happy to be employed and to have the chance to do something that I love to do. The new term starts on Monday and I have all Spanish 1's. I am excited because I really love Spanish 1's and I cannot wait to start fresh with a new group of students. I hit a bit of a rough patch last term and was just having a hard time so it will be great to have a new start and be able to try new things and make myself a better teacher. After this year if all goes well I will have tenure! Woo!

Lots of new things in 2010. A few horrible moments. Many more great moments. Am I happy it's over? Yea. I am ready for a new year with many more memorable moments to look forward to.

Instead of making resolutions this year I made a list of goals. I like the word goal better than resolution. No clue why, but I do. I made my 2011 goals attainable and accessible so that there are no excuses. Here they are...

1.Eat less
2.Snack on fruit and veggies, not junk
3.Exercise AT LEAST 3 days a week
4.PR on my ½ marathon time (3:07)
5.Get to my goal weight (165lbs)
6.Pay off 2 credit cards (Golden 1 and Discover)
7.Put AT LEAST $50/month in savings
8.Not leave school until I have the next day planned, copies ran and papers graded
9.Be more outgoing/social/extroverted
10.Have AT LEAST 1 date night/month

My plan is to track how I am doing on each goal every month and report it here. To help me obtain goal #3 I have joined a challenge to move for at least 30 minutes a day for 100 days starting January 1st. If you are on facebook check it out. It is put on by John Bingham.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy time celebrating the New Year! See you in 2011!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Back on track!

Hello reader... :D Just a quick note to say that I believe I am finally back on track. I exercised 3 days this week at the gym, 3 days in a row! For me that is a huge accomplishment. My eating was pretty good. I never gorged myself and I only ate out once, which was last night. I have been bringing healthy, balanced meals to work and have been carrying around my camelback religiously and drinking at least 2 full ones a day. This morning my scale said 173.8lbs which is a 1.2lb drop from last week. Yay! :D I am happy to be back on track and hope to be seeing the 160's again soon! Happy Friday!

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's December?!

Crazy how time flies. This year has been a whirlwind. The beginning of the year was scary, June was the best time of my life and now it's almost time for a new year to begin! I just can't believe it!

Life at my new school has been going well. It is almost time to say goodbye to the students I have now and hello to a new group. That is the blessing of the block schedule! I really miss Woodcreek and the awesome people there, but I am finding a comfortable niche at Roseville day by day. Honestly, I am really just happy to have a job! These days it is definitely a blessing.

On the exercise and weight loss front I am in a rut. I spent most of the year working really hard and seeing the pounds drop off, but after my wedding and my first ever sprint triathlon I sorta hit a wall. I was still training for the Urban Cow Half marathon, but not to the level I should have been. My food intake has been bad for a while now. I stopped counting points and calories and writing down my food and it all fell apart. I am not saying I have been pigging out on twinkies and eaten nothing but junk, but my portions have been outta control. Thanksgiving did not help at all. I weighed in this morning and I am at 175lbs. That is the same as I was last year at this time, which means all of my hard work to get into the 160's has been undone. I have created a gym schedule that I have been following, but that has been just this week, so no results yet. I hope that at this time next year I can say I have met my goal of 160 pounds. I know I can do it, I just need to do it!

That is my update. A little disappointed, but I know what I need to do and I know that I can do it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My adventures in LAME

I am not even going to post my October activity calendar...wanna know why? I only exercised 3 times! I have been super lame in the exercise department, as well as in the eating department. Luckily, a new month is here and there are new goals that need to be set (and met)! I am working on an exercise calendar to plan the month of November. If the calendar says exercise, then I exercise. I know I need to make a schedule if I am going to stick with it. I don't pay for a gym membership for nothing! November can only be better than October...I mean, come on, only 3 times! Argh!

Luckily my weight has not sky-rocketed as I had expected it to. I am not even going to question this phenomenon, or try to come up with reasons why. I am just going to thank my lucky stars and get to working out! So, next month expect to see my November activity calendar full of exercise!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September Activity Calendar (A little late!)

I am finally getting around to posting this! Sort of a blah month as far as exercise. The first Sunday of October was my 2nd half-marathon! I PR'd by 8 minutes! This amazes me after looking at this lame excuse for an activity calendar! I will update more soon about the race and about Matt and I's adventures in house buying!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday WI and August Activity Calendar and Triathlon Recap

My weigh-in today went way better than expected! I am only up 0.4lbs to 168.8lbs. I was thinking it would be more like a 1 or 2lb gain, so I was happy when I saw I was still in the 168's! I think what is really helping me is that I am eating 3 meals a day and not binging on just 2 main meals a day. I try to keep myself satisfied food wise all day so I don't get home and want to eat everything in sight.

August activity went ok. I should have had more swimming days as my tri was on the 28th and I really only got in 3 swims in August, all of which were in a pool. My runs went pretty well. I got up to almost 10 miles and will be doing 12 tomorrow! Crazy! I cannot believe we are so close to half-marathon mileage already, but I suppose it is "marathon training" season. Here is my calendar;

More about my tri...this might be a little long...but it's worth a read, I think :D

The triathlon was in Rancho Seco on August 28th at 9am. It was a super-sprint which meant a 400 yard swim, 8 mile bike and 2 mile run. I was feeling really confident about the bike and run, but not the swim. I found out as I got in the water and began my journey that my fears were well founded. About 25 meters or so into the swim I was struggling. Swimming in open water is worlds away from swimming in a pool! Now I know what I need to do if I ever try this again! Anyway, luckily the course was staffed with a rescue kayaker every 50 meters or so! I stopped at every single kayak to hold on and take a rest. I just kept telling myself that if I could make it to the next kayaker and the next and the next then I would be closer and closer to being done! The swim was the single hardest thing I have ever done in my life! Not even my first half-marathon was even close in difficulty level; mentally and physically. As I got out of the water (finally! after being lapped by people from waves after me) I searched for Matt in the crowd so I could get my glasses from him. The pictures of me after the swim are scary. I looked so dazed and confused and generally unhappy and uncomfortable; but I made it!

I was so happy to be out of the water, but it took me a minute to get my land legs and start jogging my way to my bike in the transition area. I quickly put on my bike shorts and jersey over my swimsuit and put on socks and shoes. The last thing I put on was my helmet; no gloves, I wanted to save a few seconds of time. In retrospect, I wish I had spent the time. The ride was great for the 1st half. I was feeling confident and was even passing a few riders! But then there was the turnaround...the whole way back to the transition area there was a headwind and the last 1 1/2 miles was uphill. Uphill and against the wind for 1 1/2 miles. It was torture. There was a time I had to switch to 1st gear! But again, I made it! But not before I crashed! Remember what I said about saving time on gloves and in retrospect I wish I had put them on? Here's where that comes in. I was getting close to the transition area and saw the signs that said to slow down, which I did. I started to dismount my bike in a way I had never done before, but I was feeling awesome and invincible and I was so close to the end! I was almost off my bike ready to run it in to the transition when I pressed the front brake on my bike. Bad idea. Bike stopped fast, I kept going, bike flipped up in the air and landed on me as I hit pavement, hard. I got up quick, my family was watching the whole thing and I can hear them gasping and OMGing. I stood up and my bike handlebars wouldn't turn the right way. I was so scared my bike was broken that I didn't even pause to assess my wounds! I gave my bike to my husband Matt and ran toward the transition to get ready for the run. I was bleeding and bruised but I was too far in to stop now. Multiple race volunteers asked me if I was ok and I said I was. I only started freaking out once I wondered if not putting my bike back on the rack in the transition area would disqualify me, which Matt reassured me wouldn't. That was enough for me, so blood and all I took off on my 2 mile run.

The run was pretty uneventful, other than the throbbing pain of my open wounds! The course was hilly and dusty and I spent the 1st half mile or so catching my breath and trying to get into a rhythm. I kept leap frogging with an older gentleman and a couple older ladies. I kept talking myself into running just to the next hill, or to the cone, or to the bottom of the hill. It was such a mental game! The clincher was when I saw a woman in front of me with a 29 written on her leg, which was her age. If I could pass her I would not be last in my age group! That was enough motivation for me! I ran the rest of the way in. I paced with the older gentleman I mentioned before and even chatted with him to keep my mind off of my pain and the fact that I really wanted to walk, or die. Either way. I kept pace with him for about 1/2 mile and as we got back to the grassy area where we were just seconds from the finish line I saw Matt. He told me that I was 1 minute from finishing in my goal time of 1:30! Once I heard him say that I took off! The last 100 yards or so of the run I was probably doing a 7 minute mile! I saw the finish line and the clock and I knew I could do it! I was so happy to be done! I was a triathlete! My mom and Aunt Jayna and Matt came over and insisted I go to first aid. I said no at first, but then I assessed my wounds and decided it was a good idea.

The first aid lady was really nice and cleaned out my eewy wounds. It stung bad, but I was happy to be sitting in a comfy chair being taken care of. I was smiling the whole time!

I was thankful to have so many supporters there to cheer me on! Matt, my mom and dad, my aunt and uncle, aunt jayna and matt's grandparents all came out in the freezing cold weather to support me! I felt super special and loved! I even found out my mom cried during the swim because she was afraid for me. :C But she also cried at the finish because she was so proud of me! :D

I can now say that I am a triathlete! Yes it was a super-sprint, but it was still a triathlon and an extreme challenge for me! Will I ever do it again? Maybe. I definitely need to work on my swimming if I expect to do better on that part. And of course, not falling off my bike would be great! My hands and knee are still healing (the worst wounds), the bruise on my thigh is huge and purple and yellow, and my elbow is almost all healed. Bodies are amazing! Oh, and to top it all off, I found out the next day that the wind moved a buoy for the swim about 100 yards, which made my 400 yard swim a 500 yard swim. Not that 100 yards made a huge difference to me as I was struggling after 25 meters, but it is even more of a reason for me to feel accomplished!

Tomorrow is SacFit Saturday and 12 miles on the bike trail! 12 miles! Ahhh! Of course, after a triathlon I can do anything! ;D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday WI

Finally some good news! I am at 168.2lbs which is leaps and bounds from the 172ish I was at 2 weeks ago! I have been 1/2 tracking points and 1/2 eating intuitively. It seems to be working for me. When I feel I am close to going over points, I count my day so far and see where I am at. I have also tried to be more active so I could earn extra points for a late night treat :D Never a bad thing! I am happy to be finally moving past my plateau. I think this may be the lowest I have ever been! Or close to it at least. Only 8.2 lbs to go! My broad goal is to have them gone by Thanksgiving, which I think is doable for sure.

School started for me on the 10th which is just crazy early! I am teaching 3 block periods (90 mins) of Spanish 2. I am so happy to only have 1 class to prep for! It really helps because I am at a new school with a different book and different curriculum, so I need all the help I can get! These first 2 weeks have gone okay...I still need a lot of work on my classroom management skills, but I am still pretty new at this so I guess I can't be surprised. Last night was back to school night. I really hate meeting/talking to parents. They make me nervous! I am so young that some of them could be my parents! It is hard to establish yourself as an authority to people who are 20 years older than you!

A week from tomorrow is my first ever triathlon! It is a super sprint, which equals a 400 yard swim, 8 mile bike ride and 2 mile run. I am getting anxious about it, especially the swim! On Sunday Matt and I are going to drive out to Rancho Seco so I can practice open water swimming before the race next weekend. All of the articles I have read about first timers say that a practice swim is key to success. The bike and run won't be too bad, except I am sure I'll be exhausted!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Til next time...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

SacFit Saturday and a late weigh-in wake-up call!

Today was another fun SacFit Saturday! We did 8.5 miles today and it felt pretty good. The weather was awesome and everyone in my pace group (14:30's) finished strong! I am happy being a coach and watching people succeed and reach goals and go farther than they have ever been! It is quite exciting!

Matt and I had a fun time camping for a couple days this week. The place we went was kinda dry and hot, but we had a shady campsite so it wasn't too bad. We had a couple of run ins with some superbugs that were pretty scary! One was a flying beetle thingy that was probably 5-6 inches long and attached itself to the outside of our tent one night. I was freaking out! Other than that the trip went off without a hitch. I was happy to be able to sit and relax and read for hours on end! I finished a book I had been reading and then started a new one and finished it too! Such luxuries will not be possible after this weekend is over because starting Monday I am officially a working girl again! I have students starting on Tuesday! I cannot believe the summer went by so fast!

Now for the weigh-in wake-up call. I have been trying hard to follow this plan of intuitive eating and losing weight without going crazy counting points or calories for about a month now. As I am sure you can tell from my posts this last month, things haven't been going too well with it. I seem to keep gaining and losing the same 2 or 3 pounds over and over again. It is getting so frustrating! I weighed myself this morning since I couldn't on Friday and the scale said 172.6lbs. That is a 3lb gain from last week. Things aren't working. Granted I went camping and snacked all day for 2 days, but 3lbs doesn't happen in just 2 days. So, I have come to the decision that starting today I will be back to counting points and keeping track of what I am eating. Every meal, every snack, everything. I need to keep myself accountable and I need to start losing these last 10lbs or so!

I think I have the exercise and water down pretty good, now it is time to focus on food and making sure that I am doing what needs to be done to be successful. This is my time and I will lose these last 10lbs by the holidays, I will!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope everyone's weekend is awesome!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini vacation!

Matt and I decided we needed to use our brand new camping stuff we got as wedding gifts before I go back to work on Monday. We decided this at 8pm last night! LOL So, we logged into reserveamerica and looked for campgrounds with spots available within 60 miles or so. Most campgrounds charge around $30/night, but we found one that is $14/night! Woo! It is near Angel's Camp on Lake Melones. It is just as hot as here in Sac, but the campsite is lakeside so if we need to cool off we can just jump right in! I am glad that we are getting in a mini vacation before I go back because I really need another fun trip this summer. I feel like we haven't done too much, but we did go on a huge long honeymoon, so that took a lot of time and money. I am excited to get out of town and turn off my cell phone and just chill for a couple days. Monday I have an in-service day and on Tuesday I have students again! I cannot believe I am starting my 2nd year of teaching! Crazy! See you all in a few days!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Activity Calendar

July's activity calendar was pretty lame. I know I need to do better, especially if I am going to survive my triathlon on the 28th! Here is the picture proof...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday WI- week 3

Do you know how annoying it is to gain and lose the same 2 pounds over and over again? I do! I weighed in this morning at 169.6lbs which is exactly what I weighed 2 weeks ago before I gained the 2lbs last week. Water weight? Maybe. PMS weight? Maybe. Some higher power trying to make me crazy? Also likely. The good news is that those 2lbs are gone again. Now if only next Friday I lose instead of gaining back some or all of these infamous 2lbs again!

I didn't do too much differently this past week. I did exercise a little more, which is a big deal for me. I have decided that without an exercise plan I never stick with it. I need to know what day and time I am doing what activity or I never do it. If I just say I will swim on Tuesday but don't pick a time or place then all of a sudden it is Tuesday night at 8:30pm and I have wasted my day and not exercised. One of my updated goals this week has to do with exercise and planning it into my day.

Last week's goals went pretty well, but not great.
Water-pretty good. I think I am finally making it a habit :D
Journal-FAIL! But I will start fresh today, even if I am going to eat fried food at the state fair!
Exercise-3 out of 7 days. Seems to be my norm, but that's gonna change!

This week's goals.
Journal-Write down everything I eat, no matter what! Calculate points at the end of everyday to see where I stand and how I do without actively counting points.
Exercise-Make an exercise plan with day, activity and time. Stick with it!
Water- Just keep up with it. Journal water intake as well.

I am sticking to the same basic goals I have had for the last few weeks, but they are slightly modified. I am hoping these modifications will help me to be successful this week! Matt and I are headed to the state fair today where I am sure to eat bad stuff, but as long as I write it down and don't cheat myself I will be fine. Not to mention all of the walking around! I am sure that will counteract about 200 of the 2000 calories I will eat! :D Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday WI- week 2

I don't even wanna talk about it. At all. 2 pound gain. 2 pounds! I might as well head for the hills and never look back. I am so frustrated beyond belief right now. But what did I expect as I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and only getting to the gym twice? I shouldn't have expected anything. But to gain back last week's loss plus some is just nutso. I have to make a decision. I have to decide whether I want to keep trying to do this by myself or if I want to revert back to counting points. I really want to do this my way and not have to obsess over points values. I know I need to journal better and pay attention to what I am eating. I know I need to drink more water. I know I need to exercise more. Why can't I just do these things? Argh. Hopefully next week brings better news.

As far as my goals, here's how I did.
Exercise-3 out of 7 days

This week's goals:
1. 3 camelbacks/day
2. Write down EVERYTHING I eat
3. Exercise 4 of 7 days

Basically the same as last weeks and the week before. I can't make new goals until I can keep up with the ones I have already made. I need to make these things habits before I can drop them as goals. Today is a new day, a new start, a new week. See you next Friday, hopefully with better progress!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday WI-recommitment week 1 (again)

I weighed in this morning at 169.6lbs. Woo! That means a loss!!! :D I am pretty happy about that! I know if I would have stuck with my plan better it could have been more of a loss, but any loss is a good loss. Last week I posted some goals, here they are and how I did.

1. Drink water! Lots of it! Everyday! (at least 3 Camelback bottles a day)
I did pretty good with this. Drank a lot more tea than water, but fluid is fluid.
2. Keep a daily food journal. Record food eaten and hungry/full feelings.
I kept my journal everyday but yesterday. I mostly recorded my food and exercise. I need to focus more on my feelings.
3. Exercise 5 days out of the 7.
FAIL! I only exercised 3 days; saturday, sunday and monday.

So,there it is. Week 1 back to it and I did some good things and there are improvements to be made. Here are my goals for week 2 which look a lot like week 1's;

1. Drink at least 3 camelbacks a day.
2. Keep a daily food/exercise/feelings journal. Focus on feelings.
3. Exercise 5 out of the 7 days.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to Reality

Yesterday afternoon Matt and I got back from our 2 week adventure on the East Coast! We had such a great time and I will post pics soon. We spent a week in Pennsylvania in a mountain resort and then drove to Washington DC where we spent 4 days exploring the city. It was so hot and humid in DC! I am thankful to have come home to "dry heat" here in Sac! I still have about another month off before I start back teaching at my new school. I was involuntarily transferred from Woodcreek and will now be teaching at Roseville High. I was very upset about the change, but I have accepted it now and am just thankful for a job!

I had my usual weigh-in this morning and I am 171.4lbs. I have back-slid quite a bit since the wedding for all of the obvious reasons; good food and lack of exercise. I don't think I have exercised on purpose in almost 3 weeks! Ahhhh! Not to mention that tomorrow is my 1st Saturday workout of the season with SacFit (I missed the last 3 weeks) and we are doing 6 miles! I am going from zero to 6 in 2.5 seconds! I am so anxious about the run tomorrow! I am a coach and I am supposed to be confident and be a leader, but it might be tough tomorrow. I will do my best and hopefully not die!

Since I am back and have no more excuses, I need to get back to my weight loss journey. I have a few friends on facebook that I am joining forces with to be my weight loss buddies. We are going to weigh-in every Friday and share our goals and report back to each other weekly. I think this will help me keep more accountable. I am going to try something called "intuitive eating" for a few weeks and see how it goes. Basically you eat when you're hungry and stop when you are full. Sounds easy, but I know it will be rough. I am just tired of counting points. It makes me crazy! Of course if this IE thing doesn't seem to be working I can always go back to it because I know it works. I will watch what I eat and exercise regularly.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Drink water! Lots of it! Everyday! (at least 3 Camelback bottles a day)
2. Keep a daily food journal. Record food eaten and hungry/full feelings.
3. Exercise 5 days out of the 7.

I will report every Friday with a weigh-in and a goal update. Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I am married!

Yesterday was the most perfect day ever! I am now Mrs. Matthew Hill! The ceremony was perfect, the reception was perfect, everything was perfect! :D I am so ready to start my new life with my love! Here are some pic that our photog has shared so far.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 more days!

I am getting married on Saturday! :D I am getting pretty excited for it! I cannot wait to see Matt all dressed up and looking sharp and I cannot wait to see his face when he sees me in my dress for the first time! Mostly everything is done as far as getting everything ready and squared away. I am meeting with the caterer/band guy today at 1 o'clock to show him the hall so he can figure out where to set up the band. I am really glad my food and entertainment is being provided by the same person; makes it easier to keep track of. Friday is the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. I have been minorly stressing over the ceremony and how it is all going to work out, so I am glad we are rehearsing so that my fears can be calmed.

As if planning a wedding isn't enough stress...tomorrow I have to go meet with the principals of two schools so I can decide which school I am going to be teaching at in the fall. I was involuntarily transferred from my school because of a miscount on the part of the VP's. To say I am upset would be putting it lightly, but at least I still have a job, right? It just sucks that I have to go meet with them this week and make a decision this week. With everything else going on it just makes me crazy! Hopefully it will be an easy choice once I meet with them and get a feel for the school and the department. So far I am leaning one way, but tomorrow that could change.

So, that's an update of my life. I am going a little nutso with all that needs to get done and figured out and paid for, but in the end all that matters is that at 4pm on Saturday I will be married!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday WI-The argh edition

170lbs. There is yet again a 7 in the 10's place. That is why this is the argh edition. So much for maintaining. I have been exercising pretty well, but the eating has been out of control! I don't really think about what I am eating I just eat. I mean, I am not eating a bag of chips and a whole cake everyday, but I am not making the best choices either. 170lbs means a gain of 2.6lbs! That is a lot! I am so disappointed in myself. I knew the maintaining I have been doing couldn't last forever. Now I need to get back to paying attention to what I am eating and doing more exercise.

I am a member of CalFit now and the other day I had my first swim lesson with my friend Yvonne. It is great to be a member of the same gym as a friend. It really motivates me to get there when we are going to be working out together. Yvonne is teaching me how to swim so that someday I can do a triathlon! I am pretty excited! I have no clue when this someday is, but the day will come. I need much more swimming practice before I can even think about signing up for one! Swimming is hard!

The fall/summer season of SacFit starts tomorrow! Yvonne has signed up which makes me super happy. It will be great to have another friendly face out there! I am going to be coaching the 14:30 group along with Tracy who was my coach last season in the 14:00's. I am pretty stoked to be coaching along with Tracy and ready for the season to start. Of course I will only be there this week and then gone for 3 weeks after that because I am getting married and going on a 2 week honeymoon! :D The wedding is only 8 days away!!!!! AHHHHHHH! Tomorrow is a week and I am sure I will be freaking out!

That's all for now. I was supposed to be at the gym at 9:15 for a class, but I slept in :C Not a good start after an almost 3lb gain! Luckily there is a class at noon I want to try, so I will make it to that one for sure! Happy Friday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday WI-On the eve of my wedding dress fitting!

The scale today did not surprise me in the least. I have done my best to maintain and not lose or gain too much these past few weeks as I am going for my wedding dress fitting tomorrow! :D I am pretty excited! I am having a hair and make up trial done too so it will be the full look tomorrow, or at least a preview! The scale said 167.4lbs which is a gain of 0.6lbs. Not too shabby! I think I am actually back to exactly what I weighed when I tried the dress on at the seamstress a few weeks ago. I like maintaining, it is sort of fun!

Today Matt and I had a day off together so we went to get our marriage license! Now all it needs are a few signatures on the big day and we will be official! It is getting so close! Only 15 more days! Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 weeks! People keep asking if I am nervous, but I'm not really nervous I am more ready to get it over with already than anything else. We have been engaged since April 2008, so a little over 2 years of engaged life. That's a long time! Plus we have been "living in sin" for most of the 4 years and some odd months that we have been together, so not much is changing in that regard. I am just ready to call him my husband and to have it be all official! I am not looking forward to running around town trying to get my name changed! That is going to be fun...NOT!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Activity Calendar

This month started off awesomely with my first ever 1/2 marathon! Then I had some motivation issues after trying to start doing the 30 day shred for 30 days straight. I think it was too much pressure for me to handle. Too overwhelming. I got some activity in during the week, but nothing close to my 4 day a week goal. At least I did a little bit of something every week. This next month is going to be harder to track as the last 2 weeks of June I will be on my honeymoon! Only 18 more days until I am a married woman!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday WI surprise!

I had very low expectations for this WI. I have been in maintenance mode so that my dress will fit next Saturday when I go for my fitting, which basically means any exercise I have been doing has been immediately followed by lots of food! I sorta like maintenance mode! :D That is why this week's WI is a surprise...I am down 0.8 lbs to 166.8 lbs! That is the lowest I have ever been! Seeing two 6's on my scale this morning was quite the shocker! Not to say that I am not pretty dang happy, but I guess I need to eat even more? LOL

I joined a new gym as well, which was probably a bad idea while trying to maintain, but I got a killer deal through my school district, so I had to do it! I am taking my 1st group class tomorrow morning! I am going to try a Zumba class since everyone seems to have Zumba fever I figure I might as well give it a try. I am pretty excited!

That's all for now I suppose. Tomorrow night is my bachelorette party, as well as Matt's bachelor party. I am looking forward to hanging out with all of my girls and hopefully not getting too drunk! It's part of the reason I am taking Zumba in the morning; to counteract the empty calories from the alcohol! I will post on Sunday with a recap of the night and maybe some pictures if they are not too embarassing! Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday WI

Did I maintain this week? Yes I did! I am up .4 lbs to 167.6 lbs. A little gain, but nothing too crazy and I didn't lose either. I cannot wait to try on my dress on June 5th when it will fit like a glove and make me look super skinny! Normally a gain of any kind would bother me, but considering my lack of exercise and point counting, I would say that .4 lbs is something to celebrate! Woo!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where did it go? My motivation that is.

I read and article the other day that said that May was the worst month for those who were trying to get fit and be healthy. I sorta just shrugged it off and didn't think too much about it...until now. I have zero motivation. ZERO! I started the 30 day shred last week with the intention of a true 30 day shred with no breaks. As you can tell by my recent lack of posts it didn't happen and I am not sure if it will even be 30 days by the time I eventually get done, if I get done. I feel like I am a deflated balloon. I had such grand ideas of toning and maintaining and running a whole 5k with no walk breaks and I am not so sure any of this is happening or is going to for that matter. I am sure that school being out next week is not helping. I am so ready for my summer vacation! Not to mention that 1 month from tomorrow I will be married! :D I guess there is some light at the end of the tunnel...

So, if anyone sees my motivation will you tell it that I miss it and that I want it to come home soon. Thanks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Level 1 Day 4

I took a rest day yesterday, so today was my day 4. I did go swing dancing last night though, which was a lot of fun and great exercise too! :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday WI-maintenance edition

I am down 1.4 lbs and back down to my lowest recorded weight ever of 167.2 lbs. If I can stay around this same weight until my wedding I will be a happy girl! If I lose any more my dress may not fit! I am just so happy to have a 6 in the 10's place...I was probably in the 5th grade the last time I was in the 160's, so it's been awhile! Happy Friday everyone! I am super stoked because it is a minumun day for me! Woo!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Level 1 Day 3

Check! I was so sore from the first 2 days, but I did it! It felt easier today! I can't wait for level 2, I am already bored with level 1!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Level 1 Day 2

DONE! I did it! Go me! Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30 day shred

I have decided to try and do a true 30 day shred this time. Today was level 1 day 1. If I do 30 days that will put me up to almost my wedding day. As I said in my previous post I do not want to lose more weight as my dress is being altered to my current size as we speak, but I do want to tone up and hopefully have nicer looking arms by June 19th. I hate that I have jiggly arms, I really do. So, check back tomorrow to see if level 1 day 2 becomes a reality...I am really going to try hard!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lysney's 5K race recap

Today I did a 5K in support of a blogger friend of mine who raced her first ever 5K this morning! She totally rocked it by they way! I learned about this challenge/support/motivation race from another blogger friend and I am glad I did! It gave me a reason to get out there and show my support while getting some much needed running in!

Here is me before:

Here is me all sweaty and red after:

Here is my Garmin with the results:

It's a fuzzy iPhone in case you can't read it I did 3.1 miles in 38 minutes which is an average pace of 12:10/mile, which for me is phenomenal! Yay! Congrats to Lynsey and all of the other bloggers out there who ran today, no matter what the reason or distance!

Friday, May 7, 2010

It is time to stop...

I have only 8.6 lbs to go until my goal weight of 160 lbs, but I have to stop losing weight. I went for my dress alterations appointment today and the dress that was snug on me a year ago needs 2 1/2 inches taken off around the top! 2 1/2 inches! I could have bought the smaller size! But then of course if I had done that I wouldn't have lost any weight, stupid Murphy's Law! LOL Anywho, it is being taken in and I have a fitting on June 5th to see how it looks. That is cutting it awfully close to the wedding date, so I have decided to stop trying to lose weight and focus on maintaining and toning my arms and shoulders. I am happy being around 167-170 lbs and would be comfortable staying around that until after the wedding, so that is the plan. I am spending a pretty penny on the alterations, so I want to make sure my dress looks absolutely perfect! I will continue to do my Friday WI's as usual, I just won't be as focused on losing as I have been. I will be focused more on staying where I am at and making my arms look like Jillian Michael's LOL :D

Friday WI-No surprises here!

I gained. Surprise, surprise. NOT! I was so bad this week! I did not track a single bite that went into my mouth. I am surprised by the fact that I didn't gain more than just 1.4 lbs! Today is a new day, a fresh start, time for me to get back on the wagon! I have an extra motivation because I am going for my 1st ever alterations appointment today! I have a feeling that my dress is going to be HUGE on me considering the weight I have lost since I bought it! I just hope it is not horribly large so much that it is hard to alter. I cannot wait to try my dress on again! I haven't even seen it in probably 4 months! I hope I love it as much as I did when I bought it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Goal Update #2

I know this is post 3 for today, but it needs to be done...

1) No more nail biting
Much better! I have a few long nails, but am still having cuticle biting issues. It is a work in progress.

2) 30 day shred twice a week
Fail again. I blame my 1/2 marathon, I didn't want to make myself sore.

3) Another type of workout twice a week
I did 1 weekly and the half on Saturday so I say check!

4) Food journaling every day
Not so much. I have been bad at this lately. Next week.

5) Water, water, water!
I did pretty well because of the race. I kept myself pretty well hydrated and it made the race easier. I have been slacking since the race so I need to get back into it.

My first half marathon!

Saturday was the day. My first ever half marathon! It was the American River Parkway half that ran along the beautiful American River bike trail from William Pond park, down past Sac State and back. The weather was better than I could have even hoped for considering the forecast the week before had predicted rain that day! It was even a little warm near the end, so much so that a few people passed out due to heat exhaustion. Luckily I came prepared with water and fuel so the aid stations that ran out near the end didn't even effect me. SacFit taught me well!

For the first half of the race I stayed with some great magentas and we had a great time, but at about mile 7ish I decided to pick up the pace and ended up getting pretty far ahead of them. I had pain in my leg around mile 9, but I made it to the end and that's what matters! I saw that finish line and I sprinted to the end and finished strong! Adrenaline really does wonders at making pain disappear! Sabrina was there at the end waiting for me and ran me in some of the way before I sprinted ahead. I was so ready to be done and so glad I made it to the end! My garmin time was 3:12 and my official time was 3:15. I am pretty happy with that time considering my only goal was to finish. Matt was waiting for me at the finish too with some beautiful flowers!

All in all it was a great race and I can now say I am a half marathoner! My next race is a 5k on June 6th and I am possibly doing the Urban Cow 1/2 in October as well. We shall see if this leg pain can get better with some new shoes and foam rolling. The next SacFit season starts June 12th and I plan on being out there for sure! Possibly as a pace coach, depending on if Ken lets me considering I will miss 3 weeks because of my wedding and honeymoon!

Here are some pics of the race.

April Activity Calendar

Here it is. Some weeks were better than others. It is what it is.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday WI-The OMG edition

Let me start this post by saying that I no way recommend the methods that I used this week to lose weight because I did not use any. Period. This was the first week in a long time that I tracked for zero days. I exercised for zero days. I ate crap food for most days. The one thing I did do right was drink my water religiously and make sure that I ate 3 meals a day. That's all. How I lost 2.8 lbs is beyond my mental comprehension right now. When I stepped on the scale this morning I was convinced it was lying. This is going to sounds funny but I always hate big losses like this because it puts a lot of pressure on me for the next week to maintain my loss or lose more. If I lose just a little bit the pressure doesn't seem to bother me as much.

I really hated this week because I was lazy and did no exercise at all and that made me feel yucky. My excuse was that I am running my first ever half marathon tomorrow and my knee has been bothering me so I didn't want to aggravate my injury before the race. I am getting really excited and nervous for the race. I have done 12.5 miles so I know I can do the 13.1, I am just worried about my knee hurting me. I will post a race recap tomorrow after the race, as long as I am still alive! Have a great Friday everyone!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Goal Update #1

Here it as, as promised.

My 2 month goals:

1) No more nail biting
This is going better than I expected. I have a few nails that are getting pretty long, but my cuticles are gross! Nail biting is an addiction! I have 3 fingers with gross bloody cuticles that hurt! I am really trying, really. I hope next week goes better.

2) 30 day shred twice a week
Big fat fail. I didn't do it once. No excuses, just didn't do it. I expect this will be an easier goal once the SacFit season is over because I will no longer have midweeks.

3) Another type of workout twice a week
Success! I did Tuesday at the gym, my Thursday midweek and the Saturday SacFit workout. If only one of these could replace a 30DS...

4) Food journaling every day
Ummmmm...most days? Weekends kill me. I only gained .2lbs on my weekly WI, but it wasn't a loss. I am going to try again this week.

5) Water, water, water!
Check, check and check! I discovered I had some cold brew tea bags in my cupboard and they make it so easy to drink my water without it being boring water. I have been drinking at least 2 whole camelback bottles a day, sometimes 3, and even more on workout days.

I would say for week 1 I am doing pretty well. I have some things I need to work on obviously, but I am not doing terribly. I wish my living room was bigger so the 30DS was easier to do!

Speaking of that, Matt talked to the realtor today and we got started on his website searching for houses. There were 150 from our search and we whittled it down to 43. Now we just have to go do some drive-bys and then call him to look at the ones we like. I am so ready for a house!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

SacFit Saturday-tapering edition

Next Saturday at this time I will be getting near the end (hopefully) of my 1st ever half marathon! I am excited, but also really nervous! I have been keeping up with my training and last week I did 12.5 miles so I know I can do the miles, I am just not sure about my pain level. My IT band is the bane of my existence at this point and sometimes even just walking is uncomfortable. My only goal for next week is to finish, so as long as I cross that finish line I will be a happy girl! Running/walking are definitely mental sports when you get past the first few miles! It is all about telling yourself that you can do it and then doing it!

Today we did a taper workout of 5 miles, which felt so short compared to last week's 12.5 miler! I had a great time and even found someone to start the race with so I am not alone at the beginning of the race! :D I mentioned on facebook the other day the phenomenon of me saying that 5 miles is a "short run" and how in January those words would have never passed my lips! I have come a long way! I feel great, I look great and I am going to be a 1/2 marathon finisher!!

WI a day late

I weighed in this morning because of yesterdays unfortunate events and I was up 0.2lbs to 170lbs. I am not too disappointed by this as it could be way worse. Now I am off to do my last run before the 1/2 marathon next Saturday. We are going out 5 miles today so it should be an easy day for me. I am feeling much better than I was yesterday, thank goodness!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


So some parts of this may be TMI for some, so read with caution.

Last night Matt and I went with his parents and brother to a RiverCats game. It was totally fun! $2 beer night is great! Here's where it gets bad...I had a hot dog, some nachos, and shared some of Matt's brother's garlic fries, not to mention the 3 beers. Ok, so usually this amount of food would be okay and I might have a slight stomach-ache but this time was a no go. I don't know if it was that the hot dog was bad or that the combination of food didn't agree with me, but when I got up this morning it was all bad! I got up around 5am and weighed myself (a gain of 1.6) then I went back to bed because I felt so crappy. I woke up again at 6am and was then running late. I felt horrible and eventually I expelled all the bad food from my stomach. (I told you it was TMI!) I convinced myself that I could go to work, so I continued getting ready. I weighed myself again before I got dressed (after the expulsion of bad food) and it was a 0.6lb loss. Ummmmmm. That was a lot of food. I do not like losing weight this way, lemme tell ya. I could never ever be bulimic! I am going to weigh myself again in the morning and count that as my official weigh in as obviously my body hates me right now!

I did manage to make it through the day at work, but it was hard. I almost broke down in tears in front of my 4th period because I was hurting so bad. I just want to go home and crawl into bed for a nap and maybe have some soup. I could never have an experience like this again and be a happy girl! Sorry for the TMI! The moral of the story is moderation. Simply put.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 1...and already a goal update

Ok, so yesterday I posted my 2 month goals for before my wedding. Here they are again:

My 2 month goals:

1) No more nail biting
2) 30 day shred twice a week
3) Body ball arm workout twice a week
4) Food journaling every day
5) Water, water, water!

I love them all, but I am going to make a few changes, actually just 1. I am going to change goal #3 to "any other type of workout" twice a week. This stems from the fact that I have a perfectly good gym membership that I have not been using at all and am going to start using again tonight. I figured twice a week exercise with Jillian and twice a week with whatever form I want will be an easier goal. That means that a run could count as one of the days, which makes sense to me. Exercise is exercise and with my goal plan I will be exercising 4 days a week in some form or another. I am going to the gym tonight for a class and also to fulfill a challenge on one of the blogs I follow. I am pretty excited to be involved in this challenge! I will post a goal progress blog on Monday...until then...

Monday, April 19, 2010

2 more months!

Today is April 19th which means that in 2 months from today I will be married! :D I am getting pretty excited! I am also nervous about everything getting done on time and overwhelmed with all of the stuff I need to do! Planning a wedding is stressful! My MOH threw my bridal shower for me yesterday and it was awesome! I had a great time! I will post pictures as soon as I get them. The main purpose of this post is to set some goals for myself that will help me be who I want to be on the day of my wedding. This may sound strange, but I am going to be on display and I want the best me possible to be up there saying her vows. I am 9.8lbs away from my 160lb goal weight which is so much better than I even expected for this time frame. It is possible for me to get there in 2 months, but probably not realistic, and I am recognizing that. My goals are realistic and ones that can be easily attained so I am not disappointed on my big day. So, here they are...

My 2 month goals:

1) No more nail biting
2) 30 day shred twice a week
3) Body ball arm workout twice a week
4) Food journaling every day
5) Water, water, water!

Those are my goals for now. I hope that they are easy enough that I can handle them. I am also hoping to post a weekly post that keeps me accountable. That's all for now. Next week I will let you know how I've been doing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday WI :D and other things too...

Drum roll please...I weighed myself this morning and the scale said...169.8lbs! That is a 0.8lb loss from last week and it officially puts me out of the 170's! I cannot remember the last time I was below the 170's, but probably in elementary school. I was always a really big girl; tall and chubby. I was beyond excited this morning when I saw that 6 in the 10's place! Now I only have 9.8lbs left until my goal of 160lbs! That is less than 10lbs left to lose which makes my goal seem even more do-able. I know I can do it and I will do it!

On Monday I am going to create a post about things I plan on doing and goals I want to reach between now and my wedding (2 months from Monday). The post will be a way for me to be held accountable and be reminded of my goals everyday. If my followers, all 6 of you, could keep me honest about my goals I would appreciate it very much!

Tomorrow is my last long run with SacFit this season before the Parkway Half Marathon on May 1st. I am planning on going out with the magentas again because my IT band is still giving me problems, but they are still doing 12 miles which is nothing to shake a stick at! I am nervous, but excited to see how I do in this race rehearsal! I will post details tomorrow after my run!

One more thing before I sign off...Matt and I have been thinking about looking for a house to buy. I talked to my mom and she gave me the number to the loan lady at her bank. I sent her some paperwork, talked to her on the phone a few times and she called me today and told me that I am pre-approved for up to $120,000! This means that Matt and I can start seriously searching for a house because we have a letter that states we are pre-approved! I am so excited about this! I am ready to start paying for something that I own!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zoo Zoom Pics

Here are some pics from my 10K on Sunday! We had a great time!

Zoo Zoom 10K race recap - pics coming soon!

Sunday was my first ever 10K race, the Sacramento Zoo Zoom! I ran the race with Matt and his dad, Jeff. We got there way early (7:15ish) because parking in Land Park can be a mess, especially with this many people. The forecast called for rain and gusty winds, something I was hoping and praying held off until we were done! (They did!) We hung out by the start line and watched the 5kers get going and that is when Sabrina (Matt's mom) notified me that there was a cut-off and that we had to keep a 14:00/mile pace so that we were in front of the people opening the roads up after the race. This made me beyond anxious! I was not mentally prepared to go quite that fast, and I am not sure Matt and Jeff were either. We didn't let it phase us too much though because we started the race at 8:35am with all of the other 10kers.

The start was pretty anti-climactic. We had decided before the race started to do 3 minute walk intervals followed by 2 minute running intervals. The first interval we did backwards though so we could get away from the crowd. The whole race we kept counting the people behind us because we were pretty close to the back of the pack. Right off the bat my IT band started aching. I thought I had rested it enough and foam rolled it enough and iced it enough, but alas. It basically hurt me the whole race. I was very disappointed by this and it sorta made me wonder if I can finish my 1/2 marathon on May 1st, but I guess that's another post. I digress...

We started pretty strong and I could tell Matt wanted to go faster and Jeff was struggling slightly. I was pretty happy with our pace, but could have been happier had my leg not hurt! We did the 3/2's the whole race, which was an awesome accomplishment! We had a great cheering section at the turn-around and then at the finish; Matt's mom and his little brother.

The finish was the part that made this race good instead of great. The race had a string of kid's races attached to it, well, at around the time we were finishing they started a kid's race which ended at the same finish line we were going to. So basically to get to the finish I had to dodge kids and their parents who had stopped inside the finish chute to take pictures and give hugs and all that. I was mad! I am sure my time could have been at least a minute or two faster had I been able to sprint at the end like I always do!

So, I raced and finished my 1st ever 10K! My time was around 1:25 and our average pace was about 13:49/mile. Will I ever do one again? Maybe. I am sure I will be more excited about racing once my IT band pain subsides, or at least improves. After the race we ate at Willie's. I am glad I had run 6.2 miles beforehand so I could eat all those fries and not feel too bad! I will be posting pics from the race sometime today or tomorrow. My next race recap post will be for the 1/2 marathon on May 1st. I am starting to get a little anxious!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hair trial!

Today I did a hair trial with my stylist Kacey! She is awesome and took all of my crazy ideas and my idea pics and came up with something I absolutely love! I may go back once more to try another variation on her design, but I am pretty sure it will be something very similar to this. Here are the pics! Ignore my silly facial expressions while posing! I am a dork! She did 2 variations; 1 had my hair down on both sides and the other had it down on just one, sorta pulled to the side. In the 1/2 pulled the side one, imagine a flower in the blank space...use your imagination! In the 3rd pic down you can see a little poof she put in there. I unexpectedly liked it and may have her make it bigger on the day of. I am so excited!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday WI

Check out the ticker! 170.6lbs! That is the lowest I have ever been that I can remember and a 3.2lb loss from last weeks disappointing weigh-in! I am a pretty happy girl right now! See what happens when I stay on track and count my points and drink enough water! This is a great end to my otherwise not so great week. I am so glad it is Friday, and not only that I am giving tests to my students today, so it will be an easy day, or at least I hope so!

I am doing a hair trial for my wedding tomorrow with my stylist, Kasey. She has been cutting my hair for a few years now and I love her! I will take before and after pics and post them here to see what y'all think. Hopefully I can get Jen, my bridesmaid, to do some make-up trials for me soon too. I am pretty excited about being all pretty and done up for my wedding. I can't wait!

The ZooZoom 10k is on Sunday. I am running/walking it with Matt and his dad. I am still having some slight IT band issues, but when I ran on Tuesday it was bearable, so I think I can survive the 6.2 miles. Plus, I think it will help to have company and not just be by myself. I am hoping that I can finish strong with minimal pain! I am definitely going to be foam rolling everyday between now and Sunday. I took a class last night on foam rolling and learned a lot, now I get to use it and see if the benefits are as great as everyone says they are.

Wow, that was longer than I expected. I need to make some breakfast, coffee, lunch and get my booty out the door! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More complaining...

*begin rant*
No one ever reads my blog. Or if they do they don't leave comments. How do I get more followers so I can actually have people reading what I write and commenting? I know I am not all that interesting, but sometimes I need a little reassurance that I am not all alone out in blog world!
*end rant*

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding stuff...finally!

So this is more of a wedding rant than an update, but it is what it is; take it or leave it. Basically I am really trying hard to not go into thousands of dollars worth of debt over 1 day of my life. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! I have no clue how much I have spent so far (I am making an excel chart later with Matt's help and we shall see...) but I know it is a lot. My credit cards that I wanted to have paid off by now are only getting worse and worse as the wedding gets closer and closer. I know these things aren't cheap, but for God sakes why does it seem like anything with the word wedding in front of it, or even near it, jacks up the price? (sorta like putting running or cycling in front of anything too I've noticed) This is not to say that I haven't been trying to do a "budget wedding", because I have, but things just keep coming up and adding up and I am going insane. This blog rant stems from our decision today to hire a live band for the reception. The guy who owns the catering business we are using has a band. They are a great classic rock cover band and I think it will be a blast, but why does it have to cost $900? That's so close to $1000 I might as well throw in the extra $100 and call it a day. I know I am probably being stupid and need to stop complaining, but I just feel irritated. I have a great family who is being as helpful and supportive as they can be, but I just feel that most of the financial burden of this wedding is falling onto me. I know I have a great new job and make pretty good money so I shouldn't complain, but I do want to buy a house soon and maybe even think about having babies, both of which cost a lot of money that I won't have if I keep putting wedding stuff on my already crazily high credit card bill. Sorry to be so negative. I guess my ranting is over. I am off to make an excel chart that will show me exactly how much this 1 day is costing me...

Friday, April 2, 2010

March activity calendar

This month's activity calendar is a little depressing compared to last month because of my stupid IT band. I still managed to get a couple long runs in, including last Saturday's 10 miler! I did not even come close to my goal, which was to cross-train every Wednesday and Sunday. I did do some long bike rides on some Sundays though, which is better than nothing! April is a new month!

Friday WI

I weighed myself this morning...and let's just say it looked nothing like it did yesterday morning. I am not even going to post it here. I am going to suck it up and start over today and hopefully next Friday will bring better news. I am really disappointed in myself and in my lack of self control. On top of it all I am not going to be running until April 11th, which is the day of the Zoo Zoom 10k, because my leg hurts so bad from 10 miles followed by 3 days of non-stop being on my feet in Disneyland. I need to find some activity I can do to get some APs, but no running. After this WI I feel so unmotivated. Now I know why it is so easy to get off track and just quit because you are frustrated. I thought I had done so well while I was on vacation and after I weighed myself yesterday I was so happy. How quickly things change...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Disneyland Pics!


Matt and I got back from our 3 day trip to Disneyland yesterday afternoon! It was such an awesome trip! I love spending time with my love in his favorite place, which is quickly becoming mine too! :D We drove down there on Saturday afternoon and went to the park on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and drove back yesterday. As usual we did 12+ hours in the park everyday. The 1st day was 15 hours, then 14 and another 14 on Tuesday. I was so exhausted, but so happy to be there enjoying myself on my Spring Break!

Only a few hours before we left on Saturday I did a 10 mile run with SacFit. 10 miles! I went out with the magenta group and was set to do 9 1/2 miles, but I decided to tack on that extra 1/2 mile so I could say that I have done double-digit mileage! I was so proud of myself. However, I am never running 10 miles before a trip to Disneyland ever again! My IT band hurt so bad, I had a blister on the bottom of my foot and my Achilles started acting up after about 10 hours of walking around. I was hobbling around like a grandma almost our whole trip! I am pretty sure I walked around enough to have done a marathon!

I didn't track a single point while I was gone, but I stepped on the scale this morning (cheating, I know) and I was down about 0.5lbs, which is awesome! I just hope it says that when I get on tomorrow morning! I am amazed that I managed to lose considering all of the ice cream and pretzels and food in general that I ate, but I guess all of that hobbling around did me some good!

I will post some pics of our trip later today when I figure out how to get them off of Matt's camera!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday WI

I gained 0.8lbs. There, I said it. I know I made some bad choices yesterday and I am sure that they had all to do with this gain. On Wednesday I cheated and the scale said 169.6lbs. Oh how I wish it could have stayed there. This week I will just have to make better choices, of course that will be kind of hard considering tomorrow I leave for DISNEYLAND! :D

Today is my last day of teaching before Spring Break! I am so excited! It has been a long time coming and I need a major break. Matt and I haven't been for a year, which for us is a long time. We are going to buy our champagne flutes and our cake topper while we are there! I will try to make the best choices I can and I will be walking for 12 hours a day which has to get me some activity points! I told Matt I would not drive him crazy and try to track my points while we are there, so my journal is staying at home and I am just going to try and do the best I can. Hopefully next Friday will bring better news! I will try and post some pictures when I get back!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bike ride with Matt

Last week Matt and I did a 25 mile ride, this week we decided to amp it up and do 30! We went to Haggan Park, stopped and had some lunch, and then rode back home. The ride there was definitely easier than the ride back! There were a few times that I just wanted to stop and give up, mainly because my rear end hurt so bad, but I kept going and we made it! Our average speed was 12.6mph which is faster than our ride last week! Woo! I am so glad Matt and I found something that we can do together! Though I am not sure if I can do a 30 mile ride on Sundays after a 10 mile run on Saturday with SacFit! We shall see!

I am going to the sports med doctor tomorrow after school, so hopefully I will be back to running after tomorrow and be able to go out on Tuesday with Tracy and Vonner! I have been having major running withdrawals!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday WI and other things

I did it again this week, I cheated. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and it made me excited to get on it again today. Luckily, for the 2nd week in a row, I had a reason to be excited! I am down 1.6lbs to a weight of 171.2lbs! That is so close to having a 6 in it I could jump for joy! I told Matt this morning after I weighed in that I should have recommitted for real a long time ago because this time around it seems to be going fairly smoothly and easily. Of course things can change, but I feel great and I know that all of my food journaling is paying off in a big way! :D

In other news, my IT band is still bothering me. I rested it for almost a week and tried to get back out there yesterday afternoon, but I could only go for 2 intervals before there was pain and I had to stop and walk the rest of the way. I still did my 28 minutes, I just didn't do it running. At least I got the time on my feet though, and I managed to make it about 2 miles, which is better than nothing!

And now some wedding related stuff...I am getting married in 3 months! :D I am pretty excited and I am starting to get a little frazzled by all of the little nit-picky stuff that needs to happen between now and then, but I am trying to be as low key as possible. I just wish everyone else would be too! Why is everyone else more stressed out and worried about my wedding than I am? Who knows? All I know is that I am happy and excited and ready to be married already. Maybe we should have eloped? LOL

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday! I know I will! Girl's night tonight at the Pyramid Brewery!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A beautiful day to walk!

So today was my usual SacFit Saturday, except today instead of going out with the red group I went with the magentas. I saw the doctor yesterday about my IT band and she said no running. I have a PT appointment in 2 weeks, so until then I am a walker. Of course, the magentas are super walkers, so I still did 7.33 miles and I had an average pace of 14:14/mile which is faster than I go with my red group! Craziness! The magentas do 5 minute walking intervals followed by 1 minute running, so technically I ran today, but not as much as I would have with the reds. My IT band is a little sore right now, but nothing like it was Tuesday after my run. Plus I got to spend time with Matt's dad, Jeff, who is a magenta coach. It was fun to hang out with him and chat. I really enjoyed myself, and to top it off the weather was perfect! :D All in all I had a great day! I was disappointed yesterday when I was told I couldn't run, but I made it through today and I had a really great time!

On another note, I plugged my weight into my WW excel chart tracker today and it says my BMI is healthy! I was so happy to see that! I can only hope that next Friday's WI is as awesome as this one was and that next Saturday is as awesome as this one was! I am glad I made it out there and got the mileage in because that's what counts! Only 48 more days until my 1st 1/2 marathon! Woo!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally a wedding related post!

Matt and I have a wedding website. Here is the link, check it out!

Friday WI minus the disappointment!

When I stepped on the scale this morning I had some idea what to expect because I was a cheater and weighed myself yesterday morning, which showed a loss. I was pretty excited yesterday and couldn't wait to weigh-in this morning! Well, I was excited for a reason! The scale said 172.8lbs! That is a 2lb loss since last Friday! I have been doing everything right and the scale shows that! I love when things work out! Even with my splurges of the week (Coldstone and Ernesto's) I managed to lose! :D I am so happy right now! I promise my next post will be wedding related...well, maybe not my next one, but soon, very soon!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

February Activity Chart

I am a little late posting my chart because we were house sitting and then my camera wouldn't work, but better late than never! My activity goal this month was to run at least 8 miles per week and I met that goal all but one week, the week we did the Cooper Test. I still did 7 miles that week though, which is not too shabby! Here is my calendar!

SacFit Saturday

Today I ran....drum roll please....wait for it....7 1/2 miles! OMG! I am so ridiculously proud of myself right now! I did it in a little under 2 hours. The average pace was a 14:51, which is a little slow, but we made it and that's what matters! I am going to go shower now and then eat something. I am hungry!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday WI and re-commitment AGAIN!

I vowed to myself last week that today was the day. I would weigh myself in the morning and begin tracking my points again. This time I have the help of a WW 3-month journal (Thanks Sabrina!) in which I can write everything down and keep track throughout the day. I have been running regularly, which is great, but I realized I was using it as an excuse to eat too much. My weigh-in this morning was better than expected (174.8lbs) which was a great start to my re-commitment. I can do this! I am ready to be a healthier me, plus if I shave off a few pounds maybe I will run faster! :D

Speaking of running...tomorrow is a 7 mile run with SacFit. 7 miles! I am a little scared, but after doing 6.2 miles in the pouring rain last week I think I can handle it! I am enjoying SacFit a lot and have met some really great people so far!

Matt and I are also re-committing to weekly meal planning and grocery shopping. If I am going to do this I need healthy food in the house and a plan for every day. I also need to find some 0-1 point snacks I can have during the day as snacks. Much to my chagrin I am sure this means more vegetables...I guess we all have to grow up sometime!

That's all for now. There will be a wedding update post coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

10k in the rain!

I did it!!! I did a 6.2 mile run (AKA a 10k) this morning with SacFit! :D I am so proud of myself! I finished in 1 1/2 hours, which was an average pace of 14:30/mile. Did I mention it rained the whole time? It was quite the adventure! Now I can say that I have done a 10k and I will be ready for the one with Vonner in April. Woo!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New bike!

Today I went and bought a bike! I figured my tax return should be used at least partly for something fun, plus it is a good way to exercise! Double bonus! I bought basically the same bike that Matt just got for his graduation present except for it is white and it is a 20' instead of a 17.5' because I am taller. Here is a pic! I can't wait to go test it out on the bike trail!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cooper Test!

I survived! I did pretty well too! 1.06 miles in 12 minutes which is an average pace of 11:19/mile. To me that seems pretty amazing considering I am in the 14:00/mile group on a regular basis. I pushed myself pretty hard, but I think I could have pushed harder. Oh well, there is always next time!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yet another Friday WI dissapointment

I could not have gained another pound! No way in H-E double hockey sticks! The scale said 177.4lbs. That is such crap! I guess I need to do something guess would be my food intake. I am exercising a lot more than I used to and I think I am convincing myself it is okay to eat a lot more than I should be because of the exercise. Argh. I don't want to have to count my points. I hate doing that! I like to eat what I want to eat and when I want to eat it! Moderation is key I guess. Hopefully next week brings better news as far as my WI.

Tomorrow is the Cooper Test for SacFit. I am scared! I have to run 12 minutes straight without stopping! I am going to die!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Run!

Yvonne and I rocked our run! We did 4 miles in under an hour, which was our goal! Our average pace was a 14/min mile, which is awesome! Once we saw the finish line we pushed through and sprinted to the end. It was a great feeling! I am so glad to have such an awesome running buddy! We are hoping to do the ZooZoom 10K in April together as well! :D I did a mile less than my SacFit group today, but I ran and that's what matters! Now it is time for shower, food, then a little nap!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday WI dissapointment

I am so ridiculously confused! Last night at 5pm I weighed myself and I was 174.8lbs! Woo! A 1lb loss! This morning at 6am I weighed in as I usually do and the scale said 176.4lbs! What is going on? I thought you were supposed to be lighter in the morning. I guess the beer and wine I drank last night did me in? I am so confused! I hate my scale! I have been exercising like a mad woman, eating relatively okay and then this happens! I guess this is a lesson to only weigh myself once a week and not before my scheduled weigh-in on Friday mornings. I just wish I could start seeing losses on a more regular basis. I know I need to start controlling my water intake better, so maybe that is the next step for me to try. I can say that I am getting more in shape though, which makes what I see on the scale just a number. I feel great and can do things now I never thought before in a million years I could do. Tomorrow I am running my first ever race that is more than a 5k! It is a 4 mile race, so not much more than a 5k, but I am still proud of my ability and especially my desire to do this race!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grocery Shopping Adventure

Note to self...never ever go grocery shopping on Superbowl Sunday!!!! Safeway was crazy busy; there were no carts, a million people, and the longest lines ever! We were just there doing our weekly shopping, which made it even worse! We came in under budget 10 cents this week! LOL It would have been even less, but last night I made Matt a yummy dinner of trip tip, green beans and baked potatoes which equaled an almost $30 trip to Safeway, plus today's $40ish trip. We still managed to meet the budget though, which is good! I really like keeping this budget and shopping only once a week. It really keeps us in check and makes it very easy to see what is being spent and how we are spending. Tonight we are going to see Rent! I am so excited! Happy Superbowl Sunday! Go Saints!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I ran 4 miles!

That is all I wanted to say! That, and I am still alive! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday WI

Much to my non-surprise I had a gain this week. I am up 0.6lbs to 175.8lbs. Not too much, but enough to count as a gain. I totally ate like crap, but I did exercise a bunch which is probably why it isn't a 2lb gain! When you are prepared for a gain it makes it much easier to stomach!

Tonight is my "girl's night" with some other new teachers that I worked with in Elk Grove. I am pretty stoked to see them and just chat and have some food and drinks and just be able to not think about work! I love hanging out with them, they are fun girls!

Tomorrow is my 4 mile run with SacFit! Yes, that's right...4 MILES!!! I am so incredibly scared, but I know I have prepared myself for it by following the training schedule and if the professionals say 4 miles, then by God I will make it 4 miles! Lord knows how I will feel after the 4 miles, but I will make it! Si se puede! :D

Sunday is RENT!!!! I am so excited to get to see the original actors in this musical right here in Sacramento! I know this is going to be the best show ever! I <3 Rent!

Monday is a holiday! Yes, that's right, NO WORK! I love being a teacher! I am probably going to meet my mom somewhere and go shopping! Yay! This weekend is going to be a great one!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Run for Justice- February 13th

I am signing up for my 1st race as a real "runner"! It is the Run for Justice here in Sacramento. Me and my friend Yvonne are going to take on the 4 mile race and I know we are going to kill it!!! Here is a link if you want more info for yourself.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Goals

Last month I made a pretty "safe" activity goal. My goal was to exercise at least 3 times a week in one form or another. Well, with the exception of the week Matt was in the hospital, I managed to meet my goal and then some! You can see my calendar on my previous post and there are a lot of "X's"! I printed an activity calendar for this month as well because I find it fun and rewarding to put an "X" on my calendar and know that I am actively meeting my goals. I am a major visual learner and the calendar has helped me tremendously! This month I looked at last month's calendar and thought about what I have been doing for the last few weeks as far as my running and I decided my goal for February is to run at least 8 miles per week. I think it is a do-able goal and I am already 4 miles in this week with a 4 mile run in my future on Saturday! I have no doubt I can meet my goal this month, just like I did last month! I love setting goals! :D

Sunday, January 31, 2010

January in Review

Well...what can I say? January has been a month of some major up and downs. I have had some of the happiest and some of the saddest days of my life thus far. 2010 certainly started out with a bang, and if the rest of 2010 is anything like this month I may not make it through!

The first few days of the year were rather scary. The love of my life was at death's doorstep. There were some moments in those first few days where I wasn't sure I would be getting married in June. Luckily, and by the grace of some higher being in this world, he made it. I appreciate him so much more everyday now. If I never have an experience like that again I will be a happy girl!

January was also the month for new beginnings. I joined SacFit and am now training for a half marathon on May 1st! Some days I think I am crazy for joining, but most days I am happy to be getting in better shape and seeing myself do things I never in a million years thought I would do before! The group is so great I don't even mind getting up early on Saturdays! That is a feat in and of itself! I printed an exercis calendar from WWChick and managed to work-out even more than my 3-day a week commitment. I am so proud of myself! Here is picture proof!

I am exercising, eating healthier (most days) and enjoying life! Tomorrow is my 25th birthday, which is a little overwhelming to think about being a 1/4 century and all, but I am pretty excited to see what the next 25 years brings!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Weigh-In

Last week's weigh-in was not so fabulous (177lbs), but this week's was awesome! I am now at 175.2lbs! I love seeing that 5 in there, it makes me happy! I have also had a really great exercise week, and have been pretty consistent these past 3 weeks. SacFit is really helping me reach my fitness goals! Our run tomorrow is 46 minutes...I hope I don't die! I am thinking we will do about 3 miles, which is about the same as a 5k. If you told me 6 months ago I would be happily running 3 miles at 8:30am on a Saturday I would have laughed at you, but now it just seems so natural and even fun! :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 of SacFit!

I cannot believe it has been almost 3 whole weeks since I started with SacFit! I am so proud of myself for actually signing up and sticking with it. Matt is proud too! I like being able to stick to my guns and follow through on something, especially when it is so fun! :D I am really having a blast! There are so mnay awesome people out there, most of them in the 14's! :D

My run today was great. Matt came and bought me lunch and then I actually convinced him to come with me! Now I am waiting for Parent Orientation Night to start. I have been at school since 7am! Ahhhh! Only 2 more hours! Tomorrow I am running with Tracy and Yvonne in McKinley Park. I hope the weather is as good as it was today for my run, AKA not raining!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

I have had a live journal account for awhile, but it doesn't seem as user friendly as this. Here I can add gadgets and countdowns and all sorts of fun stuff! Plus, my awesome future mother-in-law can be a "follower" and see my blog! :D I hope to try and update often with my exercise, weight loss, wedding planning, and whatever other adventures I may have!