Thursday, April 1, 2010


Matt and I got back from our 3 day trip to Disneyland yesterday afternoon! It was such an awesome trip! I love spending time with my love in his favorite place, which is quickly becoming mine too! :D We drove down there on Saturday afternoon and went to the park on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and drove back yesterday. As usual we did 12+ hours in the park everyday. The 1st day was 15 hours, then 14 and another 14 on Tuesday. I was so exhausted, but so happy to be there enjoying myself on my Spring Break!

Only a few hours before we left on Saturday I did a 10 mile run with SacFit. 10 miles! I went out with the magenta group and was set to do 9 1/2 miles, but I decided to tack on that extra 1/2 mile so I could say that I have done double-digit mileage! I was so proud of myself. However, I am never running 10 miles before a trip to Disneyland ever again! My IT band hurt so bad, I had a blister on the bottom of my foot and my Achilles started acting up after about 10 hours of walking around. I was hobbling around like a grandma almost our whole trip! I am pretty sure I walked around enough to have done a marathon!

I didn't track a single point while I was gone, but I stepped on the scale this morning (cheating, I know) and I was down about 0.5lbs, which is awesome! I just hope it says that when I get on tomorrow morning! I am amazed that I managed to lose considering all of the ice cream and pretzels and food in general that I ate, but I guess all of that hobbling around did me some good!

I will post some pics of our trip later today when I figure out how to get them off of Matt's camera!

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