Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hair trial!

Today I did a hair trial with my stylist Kacey! She is awesome and took all of my crazy ideas and my idea pics and came up with something I absolutely love! I may go back once more to try another variation on her design, but I am pretty sure it will be something very similar to this. Here are the pics! Ignore my silly facial expressions while posing! I am a dork! She did 2 variations; 1 had my hair down on both sides and the other had it down on just one, sorta pulled to the side. In the 1/2 pulled the side one, imagine a flower in the blank space...use your imagination! In the 3rd pic down you can see a little poof she put in there. I unexpectedly liked it and may have her make it bigger on the day of. I am so excited!!!


  1. That is georgeous! Did it take long?

  2. Thanks :D It took about 45 minutes or so and it isn't as polished as it will be the day of. I am thinking it will be about an hour on the day of. I am glad you like it!