Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding stuff...finally!

So this is more of a wedding rant than an update, but it is what it is; take it or leave it. Basically I am really trying hard to not go into thousands of dollars worth of debt over 1 day of my life. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! I have no clue how much I have spent so far (I am making an excel chart later with Matt's help and we shall see...) but I know it is a lot. My credit cards that I wanted to have paid off by now are only getting worse and worse as the wedding gets closer and closer. I know these things aren't cheap, but for God sakes why does it seem like anything with the word wedding in front of it, or even near it, jacks up the price? (sorta like putting running or cycling in front of anything too I've noticed) This is not to say that I haven't been trying to do a "budget wedding", because I have, but things just keep coming up and adding up and I am going insane. This blog rant stems from our decision today to hire a live band for the reception. The guy who owns the catering business we are using has a band. They are a great classic rock cover band and I think it will be a blast, but why does it have to cost $900? That's so close to $1000 I might as well throw in the extra $100 and call it a day. I know I am probably being stupid and need to stop complaining, but I just feel irritated. I have a great family who is being as helpful and supportive as they can be, but I just feel that most of the financial burden of this wedding is falling onto me. I know I have a great new job and make pretty good money so I shouldn't complain, but I do want to buy a house soon and maybe even think about having babies, both of which cost a lot of money that I won't have if I keep putting wedding stuff on my already crazily high credit card bill. Sorry to be so negative. I guess my ranting is over. I am off to make an excel chart that will show me exactly how much this 1 day is costing me...

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