Thursday, April 8, 2010

More complaining...

*begin rant*
No one ever reads my blog. Or if they do they don't leave comments. How do I get more followers so I can actually have people reading what I write and commenting? I know I am not all that interesting, but sometimes I need a little reassurance that I am not all alone out in blog world!
*end rant*


  1. I read your blog - I just read it on my google reader I-phone app now which is a pain to leave comments on. If it is any consolation I have 85 followers on my blog and the typical post only gets one or two comments.

  2. Thanks for the comment...LOL :D

  3. My suggestion is to find other blogs to comment on. It's nice to comment on popular blogs - but also just clicking on links that you find on your favorite blogs and commenting there. In the height of my blogging days (I've gotten lazy) I met a ton of really great bloggers. :)
    oh and I found you via the knot's Nor Cal board. :)

  4. Thanks Aimee. I have been trying to do that these past few days. I am glad you found me :D