Monday, April 19, 2010

2 more months!

Today is April 19th which means that in 2 months from today I will be married! :D I am getting pretty excited! I am also nervous about everything getting done on time and overwhelmed with all of the stuff I need to do! Planning a wedding is stressful! My MOH threw my bridal shower for me yesterday and it was awesome! I had a great time! I will post pictures as soon as I get them. The main purpose of this post is to set some goals for myself that will help me be who I want to be on the day of my wedding. This may sound strange, but I am going to be on display and I want the best me possible to be up there saying her vows. I am 9.8lbs away from my 160lb goal weight which is so much better than I even expected for this time frame. It is possible for me to get there in 2 months, but probably not realistic, and I am recognizing that. My goals are realistic and ones that can be easily attained so I am not disappointed on my big day. So, here they are...

My 2 month goals:

1) No more nail biting
2) 30 day shred twice a week
3) Body ball arm workout twice a week
4) Food journaling every day
5) Water, water, water!

Those are my goals for now. I hope that they are easy enough that I can handle them. I am also hoping to post a weekly post that keeps me accountable. That's all for now. Next week I will let you know how I've been doing!

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  1. Nice goal setting! You will do it and you will look beautiful and you will be the best possible you up there! It doesn't sound strange at all!