Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini vacation!

Matt and I decided we needed to use our brand new camping stuff we got as wedding gifts before I go back to work on Monday. We decided this at 8pm last night! LOL So, we logged into reserveamerica and looked for campgrounds with spots available within 60 miles or so. Most campgrounds charge around $30/night, but we found one that is $14/night! Woo! It is near Angel's Camp on Lake Melones. It is just as hot as here in Sac, but the campsite is lakeside so if we need to cool off we can just jump right in! I am glad that we are getting in a mini vacation before I go back because I really need another fun trip this summer. I feel like we haven't done too much, but we did go on a huge long honeymoon, so that took a lot of time and money. I am excited to get out of town and turn off my cell phone and just chill for a couple days. Monday I have an in-service day and on Tuesday I have students again! I cannot believe I am starting my 2nd year of teaching! Crazy! See you all in a few days!

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