Saturday, August 7, 2010

SacFit Saturday and a late weigh-in wake-up call!

Today was another fun SacFit Saturday! We did 8.5 miles today and it felt pretty good. The weather was awesome and everyone in my pace group (14:30's) finished strong! I am happy being a coach and watching people succeed and reach goals and go farther than they have ever been! It is quite exciting!

Matt and I had a fun time camping for a couple days this week. The place we went was kinda dry and hot, but we had a shady campsite so it wasn't too bad. We had a couple of run ins with some superbugs that were pretty scary! One was a flying beetle thingy that was probably 5-6 inches long and attached itself to the outside of our tent one night. I was freaking out! Other than that the trip went off without a hitch. I was happy to be able to sit and relax and read for hours on end! I finished a book I had been reading and then started a new one and finished it too! Such luxuries will not be possible after this weekend is over because starting Monday I am officially a working girl again! I have students starting on Tuesday! I cannot believe the summer went by so fast!

Now for the weigh-in wake-up call. I have been trying hard to follow this plan of intuitive eating and losing weight without going crazy counting points or calories for about a month now. As I am sure you can tell from my posts this last month, things haven't been going too well with it. I seem to keep gaining and losing the same 2 or 3 pounds over and over again. It is getting so frustrating! I weighed myself this morning since I couldn't on Friday and the scale said 172.6lbs. That is a 3lb gain from last week. Things aren't working. Granted I went camping and snacked all day for 2 days, but 3lbs doesn't happen in just 2 days. So, I have come to the decision that starting today I will be back to counting points and keeping track of what I am eating. Every meal, every snack, everything. I need to keep myself accountable and I need to start losing these last 10lbs or so!

I think I have the exercise and water down pretty good, now it is time to focus on food and making sure that I am doing what needs to be done to be successful. This is my time and I will lose these last 10lbs by the holidays, I will!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope everyone's weekend is awesome!

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