Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday WI-recommitment week 1 (again)

I weighed in this morning at 169.6lbs. Woo! That means a loss!!! :D I am pretty happy about that! I know if I would have stuck with my plan better it could have been more of a loss, but any loss is a good loss. Last week I posted some goals, here they are and how I did.

1. Drink water! Lots of it! Everyday! (at least 3 Camelback bottles a day)
I did pretty good with this. Drank a lot more tea than water, but fluid is fluid.
2. Keep a daily food journal. Record food eaten and hungry/full feelings.
I kept my journal everyday but yesterday. I mostly recorded my food and exercise. I need to focus more on my feelings.
3. Exercise 5 days out of the 7.
FAIL! I only exercised 3 days; saturday, sunday and monday.

So,there it is. Week 1 back to it and I did some good things and there are improvements to be made. Here are my goals for week 2 which look a lot like week 1's;

1. Drink at least 3 camelbacks a day.
2. Keep a daily food/exercise/feelings journal. Focus on feelings.
3. Exercise 5 out of the 7 days.

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