Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday WI- week 3

Do you know how annoying it is to gain and lose the same 2 pounds over and over again? I do! I weighed in this morning at 169.6lbs which is exactly what I weighed 2 weeks ago before I gained the 2lbs last week. Water weight? Maybe. PMS weight? Maybe. Some higher power trying to make me crazy? Also likely. The good news is that those 2lbs are gone again. Now if only next Friday I lose instead of gaining back some or all of these infamous 2lbs again!

I didn't do too much differently this past week. I did exercise a little more, which is a big deal for me. I have decided that without an exercise plan I never stick with it. I need to know what day and time I am doing what activity or I never do it. If I just say I will swim on Tuesday but don't pick a time or place then all of a sudden it is Tuesday night at 8:30pm and I have wasted my day and not exercised. One of my updated goals this week has to do with exercise and planning it into my day.

Last week's goals went pretty well, but not great.
Water-pretty good. I think I am finally making it a habit :D
Journal-FAIL! But I will start fresh today, even if I am going to eat fried food at the state fair!
Exercise-3 out of 7 days. Seems to be my norm, but that's gonna change!

This week's goals.
Journal-Write down everything I eat, no matter what! Calculate points at the end of everyday to see where I stand and how I do without actively counting points.
Exercise-Make an exercise plan with day, activity and time. Stick with it!
Water- Just keep up with it. Journal water intake as well.

I am sticking to the same basic goals I have had for the last few weeks, but they are slightly modified. I am hoping these modifications will help me to be successful this week! Matt and I are headed to the state fair today where I am sure to eat bad stuff, but as long as I write it down and don't cheat myself I will be fine. Not to mention all of the walking around! I am sure that will counteract about 200 of the 2000 calories I will eat! :D Have a great weekend everyone!

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