Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday WI minus the disappointment!

When I stepped on the scale this morning I had some idea what to expect because I was a cheater and weighed myself yesterday morning, which showed a loss. I was pretty excited yesterday and couldn't wait to weigh-in this morning! Well, I was excited for a reason! The scale said 172.8lbs! That is a 2lb loss since last Friday! I have been doing everything right and the scale shows that! I love when things work out! Even with my splurges of the week (Coldstone and Ernesto's) I managed to lose! :D I am so happy right now! I promise my next post will be wedding related...well, maybe not my next one, but soon, very soon!


  1. Nice job! The hard work finally pays off! The tricky part is to balance the splurges with activity. It really is a game of finding the right balance of each. Look forward to hearing how it goes next week!

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I feel like no one reads my blog...but then you comment! :D I found a good balance this week I think. I didn't stress about the ice cream, I just ate it and because I had ran earlier, it didn't put me behind. I love activity points!