Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday WI-On the eve of my wedding dress fitting!

The scale today did not surprise me in the least. I have done my best to maintain and not lose or gain too much these past few weeks as I am going for my wedding dress fitting tomorrow! :D I am pretty excited! I am having a hair and make up trial done too so it will be the full look tomorrow, or at least a preview! The scale said 167.4lbs which is a gain of 0.6lbs. Not too shabby! I think I am actually back to exactly what I weighed when I tried the dress on at the seamstress a few weeks ago. I like maintaining, it is sort of fun!

Today Matt and I had a day off together so we went to get our marriage license! Now all it needs are a few signatures on the big day and we will be official! It is getting so close! Only 15 more days! Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 weeks! People keep asking if I am nervous, but I'm not really nervous I am more ready to get it over with already than anything else. We have been engaged since April 2008, so a little over 2 years of engaged life. That's a long time! Plus we have been "living in sin" for most of the 4 years and some odd months that we have been together, so not much is changing in that regard. I am just ready to call him my husband and to have it be all official! I am not looking forward to running around town trying to get my name changed! That is going to be fun...NOT!


  1. The changing your name isn't as overwhelming as it seems. Of all things I found the DMV to be the easiest, go figure. :) As far as credit cards and such most just took my word for it when i called them, so hopefully you'll find that none is super difficult to switch. I think the hardest one was a credit card I had with a bank that wanted a copy of the license, but otherwise everyone was a breeze. So there is my wedding wish for you: an easy change! :)

  2. Thanks V! I hope it goes pretty smoothly!

  3. Maintaining is fun???? You are a wild woman LOL! I never did maitenance all that well, hence the gain and being right back where I started.

    Your hair pics (facebook) look great. It's gorgeous.

    Enjoy the remainder of your planning. Such a fun and exciting time!

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