Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking forward to 2011

2010 for me was a year of some really great moments and some of the most awful moments of my life. On January 1st my fiancé almost died of pneumonia. He fought for his life in the ICU for 3 days and had to be resuscitated at one point. Scary. I will tell you that it was the most horrible start to any year. Ever. Luckily he made it through and the happiest day of 2010 was able to happen on June 19th; my wedding! See what I mean by the most awful and really great? It has been quite the year. Being able to celebrate the New Year this year in our new house with our new dog as a newly married couple is such an amazing thing. I am grateful everyday for the life that we have together. Plus I got another amazing family! :D

2010 was also the year of my 1st and 2nd half marathons and my first super sprint triathlon. Being able to say I am a half marathoner and a triathlete now is just an amazing thing. My old self never would have believed I could do it, but I did! And I rocked them all! I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life and even if 2011 doesn't see me get to my goal weight, I know that I am active and healthy and doing great things. My 3rd half marathon is in late April and Matt is actually going to join SacFit and train to run it with me! I am so excited! Of course he is going to kick my butt because he is way faster, but that's ok :D I am so grateful to have him here with me and be able to spend time together doing something that is good for us!

I had a slight career change in 2010 as well. I was involuntarily transferred from Woodcreek High to Roseville High. I am still teaching Spanish, but they miscalculated the numbers and I had to make the move because I was the newest. There are positives and negatives to this move, but I am really just happy to be employed and to have the chance to do something that I love to do. The new term starts on Monday and I have all Spanish 1's. I am excited because I really love Spanish 1's and I cannot wait to start fresh with a new group of students. I hit a bit of a rough patch last term and was just having a hard time so it will be great to have a new start and be able to try new things and make myself a better teacher. After this year if all goes well I will have tenure! Woo!

Lots of new things in 2010. A few horrible moments. Many more great moments. Am I happy it's over? Yea. I am ready for a new year with many more memorable moments to look forward to.

Instead of making resolutions this year I made a list of goals. I like the word goal better than resolution. No clue why, but I do. I made my 2011 goals attainable and accessible so that there are no excuses. Here they are...

1.Eat less
2.Snack on fruit and veggies, not junk
3.Exercise AT LEAST 3 days a week
4.PR on my ½ marathon time (3:07)
5.Get to my goal weight (165lbs)
6.Pay off 2 credit cards (Golden 1 and Discover)
7.Put AT LEAST $50/month in savings
8.Not leave school until I have the next day planned, copies ran and papers graded
9.Be more outgoing/social/extroverted
10.Have AT LEAST 1 date night/month

My plan is to track how I am doing on each goal every month and report it here. To help me obtain goal #3 I have joined a challenge to move for at least 30 minutes a day for 100 days starting January 1st. If you are on facebook check it out. It is put on by John Bingham.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy time celebrating the New Year! See you in 2011!

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  1. Sounds like perfectly attainable goals! Here's to 2011!!