Saturday, January 29, 2011

Early morning musings

I didn't post my weigh-in last week (-.2lbs)and I forgot to weigh-in yesterday. I am a dork. I did weigh-in this morning though and I lost .8 lbs putting me at 173. I am pretty stoked about that.

I have been doing a challenge put forth by John Bingham that I discovered through a friend on facebook. The challenge is 100 days of movement. I am 29 days in and going strong! The goal is to intentionally move for 30 minutes a day for 100 days straight. It can be the gym, running, walking your dog, pretty much anything that has you moving for 30 minutes total everyday. I am really proud of myself for going this long without quitting! 29 days! That's a day shy of a whole month of moving every single day!

Is it helping my weigh-loss efforts? Possibly. But really all I care about is that I am doing it and I am going to make it to that 100 days a happier, healthier me! I am pretty happy about my loss this week, which I possibly wouldn't have had if I hadn't have been getting out there every day to do some form of exercise. Having a new doggie (pics coming as soon as I can find my camera) is a really great motivator to get outside for a walk. She is full of energy and taking her on long walks tired her out :D

This morning I am headed to SacFit for 46 minutes of walking/running. Day 29 accomplished! After that we plan to take Jenny to the dog park to wear her out before we take her to the boarding kennel to stay while we are in Santa Rosa for my early b-day present! We are headed to the Russian River Brewery for a show by my favorite band, Five AM. I am so excited! My parents are taking me to an early bday dinner on Sunday at Bj's too. I am so spoiled this weekend! My bday is Tuesday and I will be 26. I am over a quarter century old. Geez.

Signing off for now. Hopefully I can find my camera before tonight so I can take some pics at the show and of my little Jenny :D Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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