Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on my life

Wow...haven't posted since my birthday. Pretty lame. But you know what isn't lame? Being on day 56 of the 100 day challenge! Every day since January 1st I have done at least 30 minutes of activity. I am so proud of myself! I never in a million years thought I would get this far! I should never doubt myself because I can do anything I put my mind to.

Speaking of of yesterday I decided to finally start using my sparkpeople account to track my calories in and out. I have had the account since before my wedding but never really used it. It really is a great website, plus I discovered they have an app for the iPhone so I can track from my phone! Super awesome! If I want to lose this last 9 pounds I am going to need to get down to business with my eating in addition to the exercise. Exercise is great and all, but weight loss comes down to calories consumed versus calories burned and for a while I have been slacking off in the food department and been eating a lot. Granted I haven't gained a whole lot back, but it did hit me when I saw that the last time I used the sparkpeople account I was at 166 pounds. Not cool. I can and will lose these last 9 pounds and maybe even more depending on how I look and feel.

In other news...the decision about my tenure has to be made by Tuesday. The principal came in today for his last observation and it wasn't my best day. I have been having a lot of stress dealing with the fact that I may not have a job next year, but I need to realize that I cannot control the outcome so I just need to chill out and do my job and hope for the best. Matt has had the hardest time actually getting me to do this because I am a negative person. I can't help but think the worst. Hopefully this weekend goes by quickly and by Monday afternoon I know if I am going to need to start looking for a new job. Scary, but I can do it. Think good thoughts for me, I need them.

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