Sunday, April 10, 2011

100 day challenge is done!!!!!

I did it! I have completed the 100 day challenge! Every day since January 1st I have moved for at least 30 minutes every day! I finished up day 100 today by finally getting back into the water for the first time since my triathlon in August! It went really well and I want to keep it up and get better and better! I have been throwing around another 100 day streak, but have not decided yet. We shall see what tomorrow holds for me...I know for sure that swimming is going to be a major goal of mine. I downloaded a 12 week sprint triathlon swimming plan and I am determined to complete it without missing a day! Woo! I can do this!

Here is a picture of my 100 day tracker and the monthly trackers where I wrote what I did for each day. A lot of the days were just walks with Jenny, but I feel great and like I accomplished something I never could have a few years ago when I was a couch potato!


  1. Nice job! Congrats on the swim training - sounds like a lot of work! LOL!! Are you going to do the Luna tri again?

  2. The swim plan is only 2 days a week, so totally do-able. I am thinking of doing the super sprint again in August just to see if I can beat my time and not fall off my bike this time! We shall see!

  3. dang you go girl 100 days? you crazy. i love it.