Friday, April 29, 2011

On the eve of #3

It is hard to beleive that the runner girl on my half marathon ticker is already down to 1 day left! These past few months have been a blur of craziness! I am more scared/apprehensive for this half marathon than my first one last year. I had an awesome run at Run Rocklin's 12K and I can only hope to repeat that performance for the race tomorrow. Of course tomorrow's race is 5 miles longer...

I always like how other bloggers post their A, B, and C here is my attempt at that.

A goal: Finish in 2:50 (12:58 pace) I did run rocklin 12k at a 12:45 average pace, but like I said, 13.1 is about 5 miles farther.

B goal: Finish sub 3:00 (13:40 pace) I would be happy with 2:59:59!

C goal: Beat my PR of 3:07 (~14:00 pace)

I am really hoping for either goal A or B. I know goal B is the most realistic, but part of me wants to beleive that Run Rocklin was not a fluke and I can be that fast. All I know is I need to keep it slow to start and slowly build up. It is going to be warm, but it was last year too so hopefully I can make it!

I am excited about this race also because it is my husbands first half marathon! I convinced him to join SacFit this season and he is FAST! The only crappy thing is that he won't have anyone to meet him at the finish and see him finish :C because I am running and so are both of his parents. I joked that I would try to be faster than him so that I could be there but his goal is to finish in 2:25 so I don't think so!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and wish me luck for tomorrow!


  1. Crossing my fingers for you tomorrow!
    Don't forget to just enjoy the run too. Can't wait to read about your race!