Friday, May 20, 2011

Super-super-super-super belated race report...

I realized a few days ago that I never updated my blog with a race report for the Parkway Half Marathon! I am a dork! :D

As far as my goals go, I can really only say that I met goal C which was to PR and beat my last time of 3:07. My official time was 3:00:16. So close to being under 3:00! I was happy for a 7 minute PR, but wish I could have pushed just a little harder!

My main issue I think was going out too fast. I tried to pace myself, but I know I went out too fast and it made the last 5 miles really hard! I was in some major pain! I am on the fence as to what my plans are for the next one, or if there will be a 1/2 mary #4. They cost so much and it's a lot of pain for one event...I know for sure I am going to keep up with my walking/running, but maybe not in such a competitive way.

I am crazily contemplating another triathlon...September 11th. I haven't decided yet cause I haven't really had time to train in the pool and get an idea of how I could do. I know I would need to devote A LOT more time to pool training. I may just do the duathlon instead...we shall see!

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