Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's been a while...

I am the lamest blog updater in the universe...haha

My last update was a super late 1/2 marathon recap and since then not a whole lot of excitement has ensued in my life. I forget if I mentioned this in the blog before, but at the end of last school year I was laid off. I do not have a job. I have been on 4 interviews and rejected by all of those schools. I have put in 2 more applications since then but have not heard back from either school for an interview. I am set up to be a long term sub for the first month of the school year for another Mrs. Hill who is a Spanish teacher. She just had twins and will be on maternity leave until mid September. Lucky me, cause that equals $120/day in sub pay! Unfortunately that also means I am unemployed again after that. Sucks. I am receiving maximum unemployment benefits, but the total per month is about $600 less than I was making before. Yuck. I am also uninsured as far as health insurance goes because I am NOT paying $1200 a month for COBRA. Ha. They are funny.

In better news...my husband and I celebrated a year of wedded bliss on June 19th! We stayed the night on the Delta King in Old Sacramento, just like we did on our wedding night. It was the perfect anniversary! We walked around Old Sac, had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Ten-22, and had a romantic dinner at the restaurant on the Delta King. We also had some champagne to celebrate and opened a bottle of the wine we had saved from our wedding day. It was the best day and I am so lucky to have Matt in my life. Even though life is kinda crappy for us financially right now, we have each other and I know that things will get better. I just know it.

My 4th season of SacFit started a few weeks back and I am excited to get back into training and not being a lazy bum on my couch all the time! I am tentatively training for the Four Bridges Half Marathon, but may just train to train. Races are expensive and making less money these days means I have to make choices. Groceries or a race? I choose food, for sure. It is still fun to go out on Saturdays and see everyone and have a good time! I am trying really hard to get back into weight loss mode and get to my goal of 165 lbs. I have been maintaining really well for a long while now and need to finally get my butt in gear and what a better time then when I am unemployed, it's summer and I have nothing better to do!

I will leave you with a link to the new blog my husband set up that chronicles our weekly grocery shopping trips and our attempts to be frugal. Enjoy!


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