Sunday, August 5, 2012

24 weeks! 16 weeks to go!

Only 4 months left! Seems like time has flown by! My pics this week are much more attractive than last week! :D Thanks to my cousin Melanie for the cute new dress, I love it!

I am changing my categories a bit today; taking away the food ones cause they never change (I love all food!) and adding an exercise one to keep myself accountable to my good (and also pregnant) blogger friend Christina!

PICS: This is me at 24 weeks. My bump has definitely gotten bigger!

How far along: 24 weeks. Only 16 weeks left!

How big is baby:
 The size of a cantaloupe. Her see through skin is becoming more opaque, she's starting to look more like a baby than an alien!

Total weight gain: Still no clue. If I had to guess I would say 17-20lbs. Will find out on Wednesday (dun dun dun)

Sleep: Still pretty good. Getting a bit more uncomfortable. May need to start using pillows between my legs soon so my back doesn't hurt so much.

Maternity Clothes: Hit more paydirt when my cousin Melanie gave me a bunch of good stuff at her yard sale! Still needing more warm weather clothes for work, I have a ton of stuff for when it gets cooler.

Best moment of the week: Matt feeling her move! He had his head on my belly and she kicked him in the head! That's my girl! Since then she has pretty much done that to him every day, she is an active little girl!

Exercise: 7 miles of walking! I walked 1 mile on Friday and 6 miles on Saturday!

Symptoms: Nothing new really. A few more aches and pains, but nothing too bad.

: Like a crazy girl! I feel her kick and Matt does too. She is a very active little one! Makes me scared for when she's born!

Sex: Girl! Rosalee Joyce!

What I’m looking forward to: Dr. appt on Wednesday. Get to hear her heartbeat again and find out how much I have gained. Also doing my 1 hour glucose test, hope I pass!

What I miss: Wearing anything in my closet. I plan to re-arrange it today so everything in front is what O can actually wear.

Next appt:
 Wednesday after school!

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  1. Hang in there all your clothes will fit again.Because you like to exercise. MOM