Sunday, October 14, 2012

34 weeks!

34 weeks! Only 6 weeks left! This is getting a little scary...and exciting!

PICS:  This is me at 34 weeks. Wearing my lazy Sunday clothes :D

 How far along: 34 weeks! Only 3 weeks til she's considered full term!

How big is baby:
 The size of a butternut squash.She weighs between 4 & 6 lbs! She can recognize and react to singing now. Gotta start practicing my lullabies!

Total weight gain: 20-24lbs according to the scale at the vet. Started at 174 and am somewhere between 194 and 198 now, depending on the day and time I weigh in. Hoping to keep it under 30 total...we shall see.

Sleep: Getting more and more uncomfortable. I am still sleeping, but I roll over a lot and have to adjust many times during the night.

Maternity Clothes: Same old, same old. I am so ready to get back into regular clothes!

Best moment of the week: Thursday was our last baby class. It was the newborn care class and we learned a lot! Feeling a but more prepared, but I know it all changes when the baby is real and not a fake one that doesn't move or cry!

Exercise: Nada. I slept in yesterday instead of going to SacFit and it felt good. I did take Jenny on a few walks a day, but they are short ones.

Symptoms: My back still hurts...sitting down for extended periods of time is killer! Friday after work I took a warm bubble bath which made me feel better.

Movement: She is still as wiggly as ever. I can tell she is getting more and more cramped. Her movements are starting to be uncomfortable for me. During our class Thursday she spent some time up in my ribs and it was rather annoying.

Sex: Girl! Rosalee Joyce!

What I’m looking forward to: Our next u/s appt on the 23rd! Can't wait to see baby girl again and hopefully her little cyst is gone!

What I miss: Being able to paint my wonderful hubby did it for me today cause I couldn't bend down that far for that long. He is the best!

Next appt: Wed the 23rd is our next u/s and Thurs Nov 2nd is my next regular appt.

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