Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday WI dissapointment

I am so ridiculously confused! Last night at 5pm I weighed myself and I was 174.8lbs! Woo! A 1lb loss! This morning at 6am I weighed in as I usually do and the scale said 176.4lbs! What is going on? I thought you were supposed to be lighter in the morning. I guess the beer and wine I drank last night did me in? I am so confused! I hate my scale! I have been exercising like a mad woman, eating relatively okay and then this happens! I guess this is a lesson to only weigh myself once a week and not before my scheduled weigh-in on Friday mornings. I just wish I could start seeing losses on a more regular basis. I know I need to start controlling my water intake better, so maybe that is the next step for me to try. I can say that I am getting more in shape though, which makes what I see on the scale just a number. I feel great and can do things now I never thought before in a million years I could do. Tomorrow I am running my first ever race that is more than a 5k! It is a 4 mile race, so not much more than a 5k, but I am still proud of my ability and especially my desire to do this race!


  1. Don't let the number on the scale get to you - scales lie - no really they do! Have you noticed your clothes fitting differently? Have you noticed your fitness level improving? Can you open that pesky pickle jar yourself instead of asking Matt to do it? Kidding - all I'm saying is take a look around and see what has changed and let it drive you instead of the number on the scale. It lies...

    Good luck on the run! You will do great!!