Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grocery Shopping Adventure

Note to self...never ever go grocery shopping on Superbowl Sunday!!!! Safeway was crazy busy; there were no carts, a million people, and the longest lines ever! We were just there doing our weekly shopping, which made it even worse! We came in under budget 10 cents this week! LOL It would have been even less, but last night I made Matt a yummy dinner of trip tip, green beans and baked potatoes which equaled an almost $30 trip to Safeway, plus today's $40ish trip. We still managed to meet the budget though, which is good! I really like keeping this budget and shopping only once a week. It really keeps us in check and makes it very easy to see what is being spent and how we are spending. Tonight we are going to see Rent! I am so excited! Happy Superbowl Sunday! Go Saints!

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