Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday WI

Much to my non-surprise I had a gain this week. I am up 0.6lbs to 175.8lbs. Not too much, but enough to count as a gain. I totally ate like crap, but I did exercise a bunch which is probably why it isn't a 2lb gain! When you are prepared for a gain it makes it much easier to stomach!

Tonight is my "girl's night" with some other new teachers that I worked with in Elk Grove. I am pretty stoked to see them and just chat and have some food and drinks and just be able to not think about work! I love hanging out with them, they are fun girls!

Tomorrow is my 4 mile run with SacFit! Yes, that's right...4 MILES!!! I am so incredibly scared, but I know I have prepared myself for it by following the training schedule and if the professionals say 4 miles, then by God I will make it 4 miles! Lord knows how I will feel after the 4 miles, but I will make it! Si se puede! :D

Sunday is RENT!!!! I am so excited to get to see the original actors in this musical right here in Sacramento! I know this is going to be the best show ever! I <3 Rent!

Monday is a holiday! Yes, that's right, NO WORK! I love being a teacher! I am probably going to meet my mom somewhere and go shopping! Yay! This weekend is going to be a great one!

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