Sunday, September 23, 2012

31 weeks

Single digits to go!!! :D 9 more weeks!

PICS: This is me at 31 weeks. More lazy Sunday clothes!

How far along: 31 weeks!

How big is baby:
 The size of a pineapple. All 5 of her senses work now and her eyes can react to light!

Total weight gain: My guess is 18-19lbs. The scale at the vet said 192 and some change, which is about a pound more than I was at my last appt. Doing pretty well.

Sleep: I am sleeping which I am so thankful for. My back aches when I wake up and getting out of bed is getting more and more tricky. Some mornings I feel like a beached whale!

Maternity Clothes: Same stuff. Today I am wearing black leggings with a t-shirt, kinda revealing but oh so comfy! I figure I'm not going out into public, so I am good. Matt seems to appreciate them :D

Best moment of the week: We had our all-day childbirth class yesterday and I am so proud of my wonderful husband. He is going to be a great birth coach!

Exercise: nada, zip, zilch...unless you count little walks with Jenny around the neighborhood...

Symptoms: I am still the pregnant lady most other preggos hate...other than being more sore after a long day I am feeling great! 

Movement: My little wiggly girl is wiggly as usual. I am hoping inside movement doesn't equate to outside movement once they are born! If so we are in trouble!

Sex: Girl! Rosalee Joyce!

What I’m looking forward to: 1 more week until break! 2 weeks off to get her nursery finished and wash clothes and "nest" a little bit. Also lots and lots of sitting around doing a whole lotta nothing!

What I miss: Not getting winded when I walk upstairs...

Next appt: October 4th for a check-up, Tues for our hospital tour

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